8 Killer Blog Writing Tips

8 Killer Blog Writing Tips

Whatever blog you’ve written and are going to write on your website, each one represents your brand. Your site visitors learn about your business by reading your blog. So, don’t you think it should be taken more seriously? Because, for you, your visitors are essential, while for your visitors, the value which they derive from your blog is essential. Therefore, they will not come to your site until they find something meaningful from you.

Further, it may be possible that your blog contains something meaningful, but is not so much interactive. Here, I’m going to present some best tips that you should definitely apply whenever you are going to write any blog. I am pretty sure by following these tips for writing a blog post, and your site visitors will love you.

1- Research your audience

To have a clear understanding of your target audience is most important before start blogging. Try out to figure as many aspects as you can regarding your audience. Ok… To make it simple, ask these questions with yourself:

For whom you are going to write?

Think who is the one to whom you want to talk. Think about your niche. Identify your brand category and then select your audience. For example, if my blog site tells about different types of food, my audience can be those who love Indian food or my audience can be those who love Spanish food. Similarly, you have to consider your niche first and then identify your target audience.

What do they want to hear from you?

When you know who is your audience, it’s time to roll up on their problems. Research what their main concerns are. Connect yourself with their emotions and problems. Try to figure out what they want to hear from you. Keep an eye on the trending topics as they are the ones which everyone is searching for.

What are there concern areas?

You can’t write until you have no feelings for your audience. If you can’t attach yourself to their concern areas, how will you solve their problems? Think like you are going to healing someone with your blog posts. You will definitely come up with an awesome blog post ideas.

Why should they read your blog?

In today’s era, there is a crowd of bloggers in the online world. So, why should your audience read your blog only? Think about it!

You have to build up a trust among them that you are different from others. You have to make yourself reliable by providing them with real facts, not the false one. Let them have a strong and purposeful reason to visit your site again & again. Then, you’ll rock.

If are able to find out the answers for the above questions, then no doubt how successful your blog is going to be!

2- Create your buyer personas

Buyer Personas are not more than a fictional character that represents how will be your audience, what will be their specific interests, what they already know, and what they now want to know from you. So, by creating your own buyer persona will give you an idea about how should you proceed to write a killer blog post.

Consider an example of those blog readers who are businessmen. Now, if you write the basics about business concepts, then obviously they will not be interested, because they already started their business and they have knowledge of basic concepts.

Rather, think about their main concern areas. Figure out the major problems that they face in their business, or they may be facing in near future. You may address those needs and problems in your blog post.

Who one don’t want to come out their problems? Is there anyone? Thus, now you’re actually giving them a strong reason that they can’t afford to ignore. So, they will read your blog post.

I prefer HubSpot templates to create an ideal persona to write my blog post. They provide the best handy-Persona templates that make my work easier. It will definitely help you out too.

buyer persona templates


3- Come out with the best blog topic

Choose the topic which others want to read, not the one on which you want to write. Now the question arises how will you know what your audience wants to listen from you? Well, don’t overthink. Here is a proven strategy that works best for blog writing.

Do keyword research:

Keywords research should be your priority over other works. Don’t ignore it. You may use a particular keyword as your blog headline. Moreover, you may also use it within your blogs. Let’s cover it with an example. Here, I’m preferring Google suggestions to come up with the best blog idea. When I typed “Restaurant Marketing”, see how Google suggested me-

google suggestions

Did you see? It is suggesting to me a lot of topics. Actually, these are those keywords that a restaurant marketer use to search to find solutions for there marketing problems.

Here, I mixed up some words like this “Latest trends in restaurant marketing”. I got the topic. Wow!

Similarly, you may use some other methods for keyword research like Pinterest suggestions, KWfinder, Ubersuggest, Moz, SEMrush, Keyword Planner, Soovle tool, etc. Research keywords properly and come out with a unique or attractive topic. It must be like you are the only one who has a solution to your audience’s problem.

Ask with your audience:

What would be the best way to find blog topics than asking with the audience itself? It’s like you are asking directly your audience what they want to listen from you. Yes… In this way, you may better understand them as well as their specific problems. How will you do it?

There are many ways you may interact with your audience.

  • Observe the comments on your posts.
  • Ask them using a poll on social media.
  • Observe their reaction on your posts in terms of their likes, dislikes, upvotes, downvotes, emoticons.
  • Take feedback from your email subscribers.
  • Do a survey asking them a few interesting questions.

Find out trends:

When a large number of people start using something or doing something in their day-to-day life, or maybe they start exploring on a particular topic frequently, you may call it a trend. Figure out these. These trending topics can be the best blog idea for you.

I prefer “Google Alerts” and “Google Trends” as I get interesting keyword ideas for latest topics from there. I recommend these tools to you too to try it once.

4- Assume your audience is in front of you

Think your audience is in front of you and then write. When you follow this strategy, the ideas will automatically come into your mind what you want to say next, what next, and what next. Just assume you are talking with your audience, and jot down whatever conversation is happening to you. Your blog post will get ready in this way.

Consider my blog as an example. I’m damn sure while reading my blog, you are thinking like I’m in front of you. Isn’t it? Well… this is what I do.

The reason why I am doing this is just that I don’t need to copy someone’s write-up. My blog is 100% unique as each word of this blog has come from my mind while having a conversation with you.

Further, I would like to share who is my inspiration in writing blogs. And that’s Neil Patel”. Just listen to him, read his blogs, you’ll never get bored as he wrote each of the lines by heart.

5- Use a proper format

You want to go to your friend’s party tonight. You don’t know what to wear. You started exploring your cupboard. But you have found that everything was messed up there. You can’t find your clothes from your own cupboard.

Now consider this one. Assuming everything as same, when you opened up your cupboard, you saw that everything was at its place. No mess up. You just took out the clothes what you want to wear and got ready for the party.

Did you see how things happened easily? This is just because you have kept your stuff in a proper format, i.e., at the place where it should be.

So, when you start writing your blog, don’t forget to use this strategy. Make a proper format for your content which is easily readable by your site visitors. Then only you will be able to engage your site them. Follow these points while writing-

  • Use H1, H2, H3 tags wherever necessary.
  • Try to make your content in bullet points.
  • Don’t make lengthy paragraphs. Rather, keep it short.
  • Maintain consistency
  • Add a proper title that consists of a keyword.
  • Start the first paragraph with a captative intro.
  • Optimize your content for focus keyword.
  • Interlink your content with other relevant posts.

6- Don’t fluff your audience

Remember, we have also discussed earlier to use proper keywords in your blog? Yes, you have to use. But don’t make much use of it. 2%-3% keyword density is enough for a blog post.

Further, Don’t try to fill your content with bullshit just to increase your content’s length. Whatever paragraph you are writing, it must have some connection with its preceding paragraph.

Maintain the relevancy in your content. Always keep in mind, if you will try to fluff them, they won’t come back on your site.

7- Include an optimized image wherever necessary

A blog will become more interesting if to read it is garnished with some optimized images. Using high-quality images will create a visual appeal among your audience. It must have magnetic features that it may attract your audience.

Here are some ways that you may opt in order to optimize your image-

Resize your image- Before putting an image in your blog post, ensure that its size is neither too large nor too short. It must be as per your site requirements.

Image optimization tools- You can make use of some tools that are designed specifically to optimize your images like JPEG Optimizer, Optimizilla, Compress Now, etc.

Download plugins- You may download some plugins too to optimize images as per your need like Smush, EWWW, Compress JPEG & PNG, etc.

8- Did you proofread it?

Well… you are going to make your blog publically visible. So, don’t publish it without proofreading it. Any grammatical mistake in your blog will low down your impression. Make it of conversational style.

Just go through once before publishing it.

Hey, don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to proofread it. There are some more options. For your convenience, there are some proofreading tools available that you may make use of while writing your blogs.

For example, my preferred choice is Grammarly. It will add up as your browser’s extension and will prompt you to correct your grammatical mistakes wherever needed while writing.


Now you know everything which is important to understand before start writing a blog post. Keep all those blog writing tips in your mind whenever you are blogging. Applying the above tips in your blogging will make your blogs SEO friendly. One last thing which I would like to tell you is that whatever you are going to write for your blog posts, just do it by your heart.