Dental SEO

Dental SEO

Increase Your Dental Practice Simply Using  Dental SEO

Let your patients find you easily and quickly through Dental SEO. Don’t let your patients suffer more in finding out your dental clinic or dental hospital. Give them fast dental services by assuring them you are best among others. Now the question arises how will you do it? How will you be visible to your patients whenever they are searching for the best dentists? How will you attract or target the right customers for you? Confused?… Well! You don’t have to. The perfect solution for all the above problems is to perform a Dental SEO for your website.


You must understand this fact that just making an online presence by creating a responsive dental website is not enough. Your website has to be on the first page of Google so that your patients will be able to see it since they are not going to find you on the next page of Google. Are they? Not only on the first page, but it should get the top ranking so that they can find you quick as and when they search for you. So, here I am talking about the Dental SEO and best strategies that you can use and how you can get the best SEO results for your dental website.


What is Dentist SEO

Dentists SEO is all about implementing SEO strategies and practices in such a manner that let your dental website appear with higher rankings on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It allows users to find your dental clinic and know about you more easily.

To understand this in a better way, I would like to grab your attention on the fact that majority of the patients are now searching for dentists on Google before going to their clinic. Do you know why? It is just because before trusting them properly regarding their dental health, they want to know more about them. They look and analyze all the services of the particular dental website and if they find it necessary, they will definitely book an appointment through the contact details provided on the website. Look at the following statistics-

Did you notice the figures? The statistics have revealed the fact up to 1st December 2018, 82% of the people have searched for the term “Dentists” on Google Search Engine followed by 73% of the people have searched for the term “Dental Hospital” worldwide.


Dentists SEO assists you in optimizing your dental website on all digital platforms by making your website more consistent and engaging to the site visitors that ultimately leads to getting your website top rankings on search engine result page.

Tailor the best Dentist SEO Strategy and get the top rankings on SERP

Don’t rush. Make it clear and consistent. This is the way you can get success. Always remember there is no shortcut for success. You must follow each step that is required in order to accomplish your goal and getting long-lasting results.  Dentists SEO strategy works on the same concept and principle. It also requires every strategy to be perfect and consistent so that it can give you better leads and long-lasting results.

Identify your target audience and niche

The very first thing that you should keep in your mind while implementing the Dentist SEO strategy is that you have to identify who are your target customers. If we talk about your dental business, obviously, the target customers are those who are suffering from dental problems and want the best dentists near their location. But here again, the question is whether you are the one who provides dental solutions only for children or for adults or for both, i.e., you have to identify your niche. Thus, after finding out the target audience only, you can perform the SEO practices efficiently.


Target the keyword that your site visitors are using to find you

In order to understand this point, you have to understand what does a keyword mean? Look at the following example-

What have you noticed? I just typed “dental problems” treatment in the search bar of Google so that I can find where may I get the treatment for the dental problems. This is a keyword. Similarly, you can see in the above example, there are also other queries that Google is suggesting to me. All these are the keywords too. Thus, a keyword is the search term or phrase that a customer uses in order to find the best results from the search engine.


Targeting those keywords which your site visitors are using to find you is just like you are showing them the light in the darkness to visit their required location. Right keywords will assist you in getting more visibility than ever before. Again this is not a simple task. You have to research a lot what queries your customers are typing in the search bar of the search engine to find out the business like yours.


Keywords can be of different types and for doing SEO you have to select those keywords that can target the right leads for your business. Now the question arises how can you find out the right keywords for your dental website? The type of keyword depends on the dental services you want to promote through your dental website or you can go for the most popular search terms used by the Google users.

How to Find Right Keyword for Your Dental Site

Once you have decided to get your presence online at the time when your customers are searching for the business like yours, no doubt keyword targetting is of vital importance. But, how will you do it? How will you find out the right keywords for your dental website?


Here, the main point to be considered is that you have to understand whether you want to do Dentists SEO worldwide, for the selected regions or only for the local region. Then only you can start researching the keywords. You may take the help of an online marketing expert to do this. Remember, if you don’t perform keyword researching task effectively, all your efforts for Dentists SEO for your site will go in vain as it is neither a guessing game nor a shot in the dark.

Find Out How Your Patients Are Looking For You

Now, in the below section, we are gonna covering how to find the right keyword for your dental site. You may opt for many keyword research tools in order to make your work easier. Saving time and being as effective as possible as you can, will help you in dealing with the most complex problems. And you can do it with the help of these keyword research tools that let you identify and analyze the specific terms and other related keywords. Let’s get into more detail-

– Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Are you aware of the fact that Google is the most and frequently used search engine in the world? That’s why the major keyword planning revolves around Google. Therefore, in order to make your work effective and to assist you in analyzing specific and detailed view of keywords, Google has provided an online platform named as Google Keyword Planner that can give you reliable results related to search queries. It provides you with useful information regarding average monthly searches, competition, suggested bids, and relevant keywords.




Get hundreds of the long tail and short tail keywords along with the information of SEO difficulty and many more important aspects. KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools that brings lots of keyword ideas for you. It assists you to find those keywords that you can easily rank for along with those of which your competitors have missed them. Moreover, it also gives you an idea about exact search volume for close variant keywords. You can easily identify and analyze keywords based on specific locations.

Click here to More Details KWFINDER


Another widely used and top performing site that give you the appropriate results for keyword research is AHREFS.  Most of the industries prefer to use this tool in order to get the best results. It provides multiple packages through which users can sign up for a $99 a month “Lite” package up to a $999 a month “Agency” package. Moreover, using this tool will let you track up to 10,000 keywords each day.

The important point to be considered is that this keyword research tool provides multi-dimensional aspects to analyze deep insights. It allows users to access much more than just performing the keyword research. The other tools that AHREFS provide with are the site explorer, keyword explorer, content explorer, rank tracker, site audit, domain comparisons, keyword generators, SERP checker, and even a broken link checker. So, analyze your site properly.

– SEMrush

This is another the best tool to do keyword research. Actually, we can say it as all in one marketing toolkit. You may analyze those keywords too on which your competitors are ranking on Search Engine Result Page so that you can frame the best SEO strategy for you. Have a look at the following example-

Click Here to More Info SEMrush

– Google Suggestions

The best keyword research tool is to analyze how Google itself is suggesting you with the keywords that your customers are using. Obviously, you don’t need to pay Google for it. It’s free… Wow! Wanna know how? Look at the below image-

This will help you to analyze how your customers are searching.

What is Technical SEO?

If you want to do SEO for your dental websites and you are planning for it so that your ideal patients can find you quickly. You have to understand what is Technical SEO and how it is helpful to you in getting top rankings. In general terms, technical SEO refers to the process wherein you are optimizing your site and server in such a way that assist the Google crawlers or bots to crawl your website and index it in its database. It will assist you in improving your organic rankings on SERP.


Thus, when talking in terms of your dental website, technical SEO will make your site optimized according to the Google norms so that Google Bots will easily crawl and index each of your dental services page and whenever a search perform by your patient, your site will get top rankings in organic search results. You must keep this fact in mind that the structure of your site should meet the expectation of search engine algorithms.


Following are the guidelines that you have to understand properly-

  • Use SSL
  • Make sure the site is responsive
  • Speed up your site.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
  • Create XML sitemap
  • Add structured data markup.
  • Register with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

How to Remove Technical SEO Error

Ever wonder when you are using the best content in your site so that you can engage your customers with you, but, actually, you are not visible in SERPs at the time when they are looking for you? Why it is so? It may be because of Technical SEO error in your site. You have to tackle these, otherwise, you will lose your patients. Have a look at the following guidelines-

Check indexing issues-  

You have to check whether all your pages of the dental site are indexed or not. You can take help from Google to find out whether all your pages are indexed or not. Just Type site:{} into Google search bar and you’ll get an instant result of how many pages on your site are ranking. You need to figure out whether any one of your important page of dental service is not indexed. If yes, then fix this issue immediately.


Check whether you are ruining your site’s organic traffic because of improper use of robot.txt files. Go to . Make sure it doesn’t show “User-agent: * Disallow: /”. Your developer will assist you in getting out of this issue. What you can do with Robots.txt files is you can easily manipulate it as per your need. For example, if you don’t want some pages to be indexed, you can disallow it. In your WordPress site, you can allow or disallow category, archive, comment, users etc. using a powerful All in One SEO plugin that automatically generates the Robots.txt files. One important thing you should notice is that you need to non-index your the required pages otherwise your content will be counted as duplicate content.


Meta robots NOINDEX-

Always ensure that your site will not misconfigure Meta robots NOINDEX, otherwise, it will remove all pages from the Google’s index. You may take help of a tool Screaming Frogor other SEO auditor software tool to identify this issue.

URL Canonicalization

– Check whether the multiple versions of your home page in the browser are pointing to the same URL or not. Also, analyze HTTP vs HTTPS versions of your URLs. Only one should exist then the both.


You can use a site scanning software tool to analyze this issue. With this, you have to list out all the URLs on your site and check whether there are duplicate page problems that can be solved with a rel=canonical tag.

Broken backlinks-

Broken backlinks will result in 404 pages. You may check the pages on your site may have become 404 pages after a migration. So the backlinks which are pointing back to these 404 pages are broken. You can use Google Search Console, and a backlink checker such as Moz, Majestic, or Ahrefs to analyze these broken backlinks.

301 & 302 redirects-

You can use these redirects to control your dead pages. 301 redirect is for permanent redirect and 302 redirect is for a temporary redirect. Use them properly and carefully.

XML sitemaps-

XML sitemaps are used to make understand Google Bots about your site. It can reduce crawling errors if your site has multiple pages, or if your site pages are not linked well to each other. You may get an idea of the quality of your sitemap and URLs by using Google Search Console.

Page Speed-

Website Page Speed is very important. Audit the speed of your page as well as of your whole site by using different SEO auditing tools. Try to improve your site performance. If the loading time of your website high, you will lose your visitor. Moreover, it leads to decrease your rank too. It is because no one wants to wait for long, ultimately they will leave your site, leading to an increase in bounce rate that will definitely affect adversely your SEO process. 

My Favorite Free Website Speed Checker Tool

1. GTmetrix 

2. Pingdom

Internal linking structure-

Internal linking is the also the main aspect that you have to analyze. You need to check how you can move around your site. Check your anchor texts, editorial-type links in blog posts, service pages etc. You may take help of site auditor tools to find and organize the pages on your site by internal link count.

Better Content Structure-

The content structure is very important for a website to rank high because it helps in enhancing user experience. Otherwise, you’re you’ll lose your site visitors. For example, you have written a 2000 words article about which your target users are searching on the web. But you haven’t set a proper content structure. Therefore, it is very difficult to read your content for your site visitor.

How to Make Your Website User-Friendly

Here are the important tips to make your website user-friendly-

  • Use your brand Logo on the website.
  • Make your site responsive
  • Include your contact information
  • Add your services with proper description.
  • Make clear and concise content
  • Add search functionality
  • Engage with social media icons
  • Improve loading time of your page

What is Schema Markup?

Using schema markup is another important Dentists SEO strategy to be implemented in order to improve your rankings on SERP. Schema Markup is a kind of microdata that creates an enhanced small description which appears in search results. It is commonly known as a rich snippet and it is a best practice to incorporate it into your web pages. It improves the way the Google bots will interpret it on the search results.

What is Local SEO?

Just imagine what if your local patients are trying to find dental clinics on search engines at the time when they are searching and find your website on top, then call you using the given contact information and visit there. You will definitely get amazed. Thanks to the Local SEO.

Local Dental SEO


Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website in such a way that whenever your local customers search the business like yours, your website must be visible on the top in organic results so they can contact with you and visit your store easily. You can say that the Local SEO is an effective way to market your business online

For a dental website like yours, local SEO is important as your local customers will definitely try to search for the best dentists or best dental hospital near their location. For local SEO, you should use the below-mentioned strategies in a proper manner-

  • Registering on Google My Business
  • Proper citations
  • Quality link building
  • Increasing reviews and ratings of your dental clinic.
  • Increase your local rankings
  • List your business with local listing service providers.
  • On-site optimization.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business?

Registering on Google My Business simply means creating your business profile on Google. The information on a business profile on Google includes the services you offer, contact details, business description, category, and opening times. Always keep in mind that you have to make it up-to-date and accurate. Here, we are mentioning a few tips that describe how you can optimize your Google My Business of your dental website. Have a look-

  • Keep in mind, every information you have entered in Google My Business listing is accurate and consistent.
  • Select the category that is more relevant and specific to your business.
  • Make sure that the images you have uploaded are of good quality.
  • Your information must be consistent everywhere.
  • Ensure your address is accurate and precise.
  • Update your local number consistently on all local listings.
  • Try to increase your reviews and ratings.
  • Avoid making false, misleading, or unrealistic content
  • Your content should not display offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Don’t forget to provide your business hours of operation.

Link building to Improve Your Dental SEO Ranking?

If you are going to get your dental clinic to thrive online, link building can be the best strategy for you.  Let’s understand what the link building is all about. Link Building refers to the process wherein we acquire hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. It assists users in navigating between pages on the web and ultimately generates the higher amount of traffic on your site. Not only for users but creating the top-quality backlinks will assist the crawlers to crawl on the web easily. Understood it with the help of an example-

Let’s say your site has got a backlink from someone’s site. Now, whenever the Google Bots crawl that site which is giving backlink to your site, they will definitely crawl your website too. In this way, your site will automatically be crawled time-to-time by these backlinks. Moreover, when a potential customer visits on that site which is giving backlink to your site, the chances are high that they may redirect to your site by clicking on that link.

How To Earn Backlinks For Dental SEO?

So far we have discussed what does link building mean and how it is helpful for your business, it’s time to dive into much more detail. Without them, it’s like your website is just making noise in the online world while costing you money and patients. Over the years, Google has continuously provided major updates. Thus, you have to weed out “garbage” links from your site and look for the links that are both diverse and authoritative. Since spammed links can hurt your ranking, we disavow low-quality links continuously.
Consider these three major factors-

  1. Quantity
  2. Link Authority
  3. Link Diversity

Google gives due attention to all these while considering the quality of your backlinks.

But how may you get people to link to your site? You need to earn links that worth linking to. Here are some of the ways you can use to get you started:

Through Guest Posts-

Guest Posting is the best way to earn high-quality backlinks. Through guest posts, you may build reputation, authority, and exposure for your dental website. The real benefit of doing guest posts on most popular and relevant sites includes a lot, such as-

  • Helps in acquiring the right traffic.
  • Allow you to capture leads that enhance your patients’ database.
  • You may get quality backlinks having high domain authority.
  • You may also use them as social proof.
  • Helps you in developing brand recognition for your dental clinic.


There are some search operators or strings that you may use to identify those sites who accept guest posting. For example-

  • “your keyword” + “write for us”
  • “your keyword” + “guest post”
  • “your keyword” + “contribute”

For example, is the site that accepts guest posting for dental websites.


From News Websites-

Getting links from high authority news sites also impact the SEO score. If you are going to launch your clinic, you may get in touch with these news websites to get more media coverage. These sites have a huge amount of traffic, you may, therefore, easily acquire a good amount of traffic from these news sites.

From Directories-

From the past 10 years, a lot of updates has occurred in backlinking strategy. Here authority signals matter a lot. You can’t list your business everywhere. You have to research which directories are worth for your dental niche. Listing your business on high-quality directories help you in getting the qualified referral traffic, citations, and trustworthy authority signals. Keep in mind that not all of the directories are best. Don’t get trapped by spam directories.

A good example of a quality directory is


From Forums-

Forums are another best way to get quality links for your dental website.

It is an online discussion platform where people join each other to discuss their queries.

These queries are resolved by some professionals who also have joined such forums. In this way, you may also join such forums where you can answer people who have doubts in their mind regarding dental problems.

For example, one of the dentist forum from where you may get quality backlinks is

Through Citations-

Citations are also known as local business listings. It is an important link building strategy for local businesses. You may quickly rank your dental website in search engines through proper citation.

Citation involves providing NAP, i.e., Name, address, and phone number of your business on your website along with other websites as a reference. You citation profile determine how your dental practice will get ranked against your competition. How will you manage your citation profile? Just keep your NAP consistent across all of your listings because it is the major measurable ranking factor for local websites.

For example, is one of the best sites where you may cite NAP of your dental business.

How to do Dental SEO Without Headache?

Want to do SEO for your dental website in an effective way without any difficulty? Obviously, you want to do so. Get found quickly to your patients who are searching for dental solutions by being in touch with us. We are offering the best solution for Dental SEO Services. Our enlisted services to optimize your dental website include-

Our Dental SEO Process:

Want to know how we proceed with Dental SEO process? Here are the step-by-step guidelines that show you how we perform our Dental SEO practices to rank the dental website for our client.

1. Audit Your Dentist Website:

The very first step we proceed with is to audit your dentist website. Before going further, we have to analyze the website completely so that we become aware of the current market status. This helps us in identifying how much search engine friendly as well as user-friendly your website is.

After a complete audit, we frame a strategy to perform Dental SEO on your dental website. We perform website audit in the following ways-

a.  User Experience Audit :

User experience is the main factor that can increase your SEO score in an efficient manner. You can’t afford to ignore it. It is because you are creating a website for your users. If they are not able to explore your site properly, your efforts are no more than a waste. Would you want this to have happened with your website? Obviously not.

Thus, while doing the audit, we ensure that your dental website is of great user experience.

b. Content  Audit :

Our next step is to check the content structure on your website. We make sure whatever content you have provided on your site, it is in a proper format. If any modifications are required, we suggest our client for the same.

We analyze properly that all the content on your dental website is fully organized.

c. Technical SEO Audit :

Further, we move ahead with the technical audit of the website. We ensure that no errors are there in the website structure. Doing technical SEO audit is necessary, otherwise, any technical error in your website will become responsible for low ranking on search results.

While performing a technical SEO audit, we carefully analyze HTTP error, URL structure, robot.txt files, follow & no follow links etc.

d. Schema Markup Audit

Structured data means marking up the HTML of a webpage. It is useful in providing more detailed information about the webpage. Schema Markup makes search engines, as well as its users, understand what the web page is all about.

Therefore, we also perform schema markup audit for your website so that we can analyze how well we can present your dental services in front of your patients.

e. Competition Audit

Think yourself! How will you measure your success? By comparing your status with your competitors? Yes… that way you may identify whether you are growing or you are still lacking somewhere with your marketing strategy.

Similarly, we proceed further with competition audit. First of all, we identify who are your right competitors and how much competition is prevailing in the market. We research every minute details about your right competitors so that we can analyze what are their weaknesses that can become your opportunity.

f. Keyword Audit

When it comes to forming a strong strategy to perform SEO, using keywords effectively is considered as one of the most important factors.

To audit your dental website, we identify what keywords may be the best fit for your niche to boost your rank. We always analyze your competitors’ keywords and then create a perfect SEO strategy for your dental website.


At last, we provide you with a complete audit report that includes every minute details of your website. We mention the current status of the website including those errors that are preventing your site to rank organically. Whatever error is there in technical SEO of your website, we rectify it and make it error-free.

2. Setting Up Your Dentist Business Goal

The next step we move on is to identify your business goal. On the basis of your business goal or objective, we plan further on how to achieve it.

For example, for your dental clinic, the business goal can be driving local traffic to your clinic. Considering this objective, we will frame strategies that build up a strong local market.

3. Making Strong SEO Strategy For Your Dental Business

Further, when we have identified what is your business objective, we frame a strong SEO strategy for your dental business. If you’re interested in managing your Dental SEO in-house, we are always ready to do this to improve your bottom line.

In order to boost your dental practice, we employ the following tips and strategies in our plan to help you meet with Dental Success-

Keyword Research And Categorize the Keyword

Moving forward with proper keyword research benefits the business for a long time period. We identify those keywords that may derive a good amount of traffic to our client’s business.

Our keyword research strategy involves a proper categorization of keywords on the basis of den