Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing To Improve Your Local Ranking

Since it’s inception, Google has surely evolved from being merely a search engine to being the gates to the online world for many of us.

According to Business Insider, more than 90% of internet searches are taking place through Google, leaving it’s competitors in the dust.

And when it comes to marketing your local business online, nothing seems better an option than Google Maps Marketing.

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps Marketing

We all know how handy google maps can be when it comes to driving around the town without the fear of getting lost.

But there is a side to Google Maps that a very few talk about and understand.

Yes, I’m talking about Google Maps Marketing.

Ever noticed the search results when you type in “Car Repair Shops” on Google.

Google Maps will show you localized search results based on your location. There will be a bunch of Car repair shops that have probably employed Google Maps Marketing, to catch the eye of local customers like you.

This is exactly what you need to do to your local business if you won’t get featured in the local search results of Google for your product or service.

Getting Started With Google Maps Marketing

Now you know how beneficial Google Maps Marketing can be for your local businesses, you are eager to leverage the vast chunk of local searchers looking for help on google, but you may still be confused about the technicalities pertaining to it.


google my business


Don’t worry we have got you covered, we will guide you through the exact process of how to properly and effectively do it. But before we dive deep into the technicalities of it, let’s quickly understand the three factors which are the basis of getting shown in the search results.

Major Hurdle to Get High Google Rank to Your Business

Most of the SEO service provider use old-school SEO techniques. They do not bother to take care of new Google updates a and take an easy path to complete the job which does not bring any relevant results to our business. Majority of service providers don’t give importance to On Page and Off Page SEO which is pretty necessary. Investing time in keyword research and using appropriate technique to rank your business on them is art and science which has to be applied with the great conscience. Majority of companies misses that as they apply single strategy to all.

Proximity Based Google Map Results

It is the top factor that determines the search results one gets when a query is typed in, simply it implies that Google shows results which are nearer to the person according to his location( of course it needs to match with the query as well).

Let’s say, your search for “Car Repair Shops” on your maps, Google will show results based on their proximity to you.

In case of an emergency that seems pretty logical as well, you wouldn’t want to go to a car repair shop that is far from your current location, at the time of breakdown the nearest option would seem most favourable.

Rank Based Results

Most of the times, Google will show proximity based results but they are not the only type shown.

Not everyone has location enabled on their devices, which let’s google figure out the exact position of the user. “Ranked” Google Maps results are shown when this valuable data is unknown.

For instance, in this figure below, you will see results for “Chiropractor” in Coffeyville, Kansas.


Rank based google maps result


In this search, I have looked for a chiropractor for a completely different city, which means Google isn’t showing me results based on my location, and the results are right in front of you.


The ratings and reviews that the customers leave on your Google My Business profile, does affect how well you rank for a particular service once the search engine has accounted for location and ranking factor.

These ratings are a reflection of how well you have served your customers in the past and their likelihood to recommend your services to others.

Though there will be a lot of times when you see a search result having a slightly lower customer rating ranking higher than others.

This usually depends on how well you have optimized your Google My Business profile along with some other important factors.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business lets you take charge of how your local business may appear in the search and map results.

It may include the physical address of the business, hours of operation, contact info, directions, and pictures.

It is of paramount importance that you claim your business listing. Because most of the time it’s observed that people searching for a product or service near them are of immediate help.

Filling Incomplete or in worse cases, inaccurate information is also seen a lot of times even though businesses may have already claimed their Google My Business Listing.

There is a proper way of claiming and verifying your profile, which will discuss in detail below.

Creating Google My Business Listing

-Go to and click on Start Now in order to claim your listing.

You will see pretty clear instructions from google on how to proceed.

-On the next page, It will ask you the Name of your Business.

Don’t try to play around with keywords when typing in your business name. Because it doesn’t work that way. Enter the name of your business as you registered it.

As you can see in the figure on the right, I have entered FitCarWorld.

google maps business name


“Your Business Location” will be the next thing to prompt after you have entered your business name.


business address google my business profile


Fill in the information in the best and most accurate way you can. Make sure that you give the exact address as used by your applicable postal service where you operate your business.


You can check the box below if you deliver goods and services to your customers.


When checked, it will prompt another checkbox that says, “Hide My Address( it’s not a store)”.


You should only be checking this one if you do not serve your customers on your business location.


To rank higher, it is important for you to give more information to Google.


Further, Google may try to verify with your some existing business on the same location as you can see in the image.


confirm an existing listing on google maps


If no option matches just select “This doesn’t match” and hit next.


-In the next step, Google will want to know the areas of service, meaning your business category.

For example, I have chosen “Car Repair and Maintenance”


business category on google maps marketing profile


After choosing your category fill in your contact info. This is how your potential customers may contact you for enquiring about your product or service, before visiting your store.


contact info google my business profile


Now it’s finally time to get your business listed on google maps.

To confirm your ownership of the business, you will be taken to a new page, as you hit “Finish” in the previous step.


verifying google maps marketing profile


Here you will need to select an option for getting your business verified.

Once you have done the basics of listing your business, it’s time to move onto setting up your profile and customizing it in order to get the maximum out of your google maps marketing efforts.

Optimizing your Google My Business Profile

Optimizing your profile will help you in improving your local search ranking. Further, it will also give an unprecedented advantage over your competitors. Why? Because a lot of local business just don’t take the pains of setting up their profiles which surely hurts there local search ranking.

Start with adding a description of your business.


google my business profile description


Google gives you the freedom to explain your business in 750 characters which you should be taking full advantage of.

As you can see in the figure, I have typed in “restaurants” in the San Diego area for me to check out for dinner. You can see the local search results that I get for the query.


search result google maps restaurant


An example of a restaurant seems the best to me because restaurants do take branding pretty seriously and as expected when it comes to google maps marketing they haven’t disappointed.

Let’s talk about the very first search result that we get which is about a Brazilian Restaurant named “Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steakhouse”.


brief description google my business profile


You can see they have clearly specified that it is a Brazilian Restaurant. Furthermore, they have also given a very brief description of the theme of the restaurant and what people can expect when they arrive.

In fact, if you notice, almost all search results have very briefly described their restaurants, keeping it short yet descriptive enough.  This helps people having a clear idea of what they can expect from the restaurant.

Add Images In Your Listing

A search result for restaurants with a lot of images of its food, interiors, ambiance would surely be more appealing than for a restaurant with little to no images.


images in google my business profile


In this Golden Age of Photography, how can a restaurant appear credible without any pictures of it? I mean that is just impossible.

However good the restaurant may be, a searcher has no idea whether that restaurant would be a perfect place to spend the evening if it has no images showcased in the search results.

How We Can Grow Your Business Via Google Maps Marketing

Till now you must have got a vivid picture of how beneficial google maps marketing can be for your business. If you are still a bit unsure about taking off, don’t worry. We specialize in Google Maps Optimization Services. We help your business acquire targeted potential customers every single with the power of Google Maps Marketing.

Google Maps Marketing Services

Don’t get me wrong. But optimizing Google My Business Listing isn’t as easy as it may sound to be, especially if it’s completely new territory for you.

There are a lot of factors that would go on determining your search results ranking, some of which are:

  1. Filling incomplete information about your business including hours of operation, address Contact info etc.
  2. Properly and accurately choosing the categories for your business. In this way, Google has a clear idea of showing you up for related search queries.
  3. Optimizing your images and videos, so that your Google My Business profile looks more professional, appealing and attractive.
  4. Figuring out a review generation strategy to fetch you more 5-Star ratings on Google My Business.

Google Maps Marketing can be a very powerful tool in your marketing strategies when done in the right way, giving you an edge over your competition.

Feel free to reach out to our project manager if you want to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. Moreover, they will also explain you the cost of our marketing services according to your business.

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