How To Start A Successful Youtube Channel

How To Start A Successful Youtube Channel


How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel

Planning to get into Video Marketing? No doubt in saying that you should start with YouTube Business Channel. If you are thinking that you have to flood thousands of dollars in video advertising to promote your brand, then I must say you’re wrong.

No need to worry about paying for video advertising to get your followers’ attention. Just a good channel consisting of quality content. That’s enough!

Here, we are presenting how to start a successful YouTube channel which is already flooded with consumers’ attention. So, heads up friends and go through with the following steps that describe everything about the YouTube Marketing.


How to Start YouTube Channel Infographic



Start with creating a YouTube Business Channel

To get started with the YouTube Marketing, set up a YouTube Business Channel in a proper manner. How will you do all this, we’ll help you out. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll rock!


Firstly, sign up to your YouTube Account with your professional Gmail Id. Then you need to click on your user icon located at the top right corner of your screen.


user icon


Then, click on “My Channel” option.

my channel button


Further, you need to give your channel a name. You may start it as a brand name of your business. Try to put keywords if possible.


Hey, Congrats! You have created your YouTube Business Channel.


create channel


2- Channel Branding

Well… It is an important aspect to be understood. Channel branding is the process to tell your viewers what your channel is all about. This gives them a reason why should they engage on your channel.


Start by customizing your channel by adding the profile picture of your brand in the profile section. Use such an image as your profile picture which represents your brand. Because whenever you will post your videos and comment on other videos, viewers will identify that… Yes, It’s you!

edit links
Channel Art- Time to create a channel art for your YouTube Channel. A channel art is a banner or cover image of your YouTube channel. The recommended channel art size is 2560 x 1440 or maximum file size can be 6 MB. You may upload it from your own system, or from your photos on Google+, or you may also select from the YouTube gallery.


A smart tip for your YouTube channel is to not to stick only on one channel art. Keep updating it as and when required.


Further, you may also add up to 5 Social Media Links to this banner by clicking on the edit links button. See the above image.   


Channel description- Add a perfect channel description. It’s something like you are letting everyone know who you are and what your brand is all about. Tell people how you are different from the crowd. Tell them why should they subscribe the channel of yours.


To add a channel description, hover the mouse on the YouTube Cover section. There you will find a pen icon at the top right corner. Click “Edit Links” from there. Then you’ll find it in the “About section.”

channel description
Add links- Scroll down to the page where you’ve written channel description. You’ll find another section for adding various links that are related to your business.

Add all the links which you think are important to engage your viewers and increase your website traffic.

add links

3- Decide about the type of content

Before starting video creation, research what type of content you can provide to engage with your viewers. Know your audience first, then pick out the best content type for your channel. Consider the following examples-

Live videos- Go live to interact in real time.

Testimonial videos- To show viewers the reviews for your product.

Videos Tutorials- To make understand how your product works.

Product Demo- To show the USP and functionalities of your products.

Events- Release events and engage your viewers with your business.


Similarly, you may choose some other types of video content as you think fit your brand.


4- Channel Trailer

Releasing a channel trailer for your brand is the best option to turn your viewers into subscribers. It’s all about introducing your brand through YouTube Channel. Using this, you may create an excitement among your viewers.


Let me make you understand first what does a channel trailer mean. As the name suggests, a channel trailer is a quick promotional video for your channel that encourages viewers to hook up with your brand.

Some smart tips for creating a successful channel trailer

  • Assume yourself as a stranger for your viewers. They don’t know anything about you. Then, create your video content.
  • Keep it short and relevant that pitches your brand name just like a movie trailer.
  • Annotations can be very helpful for inspiring viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • It should be like something that gives a glimpse of your brand.
  • End up with a strong reason that pitches them to come back on your channel.

How to add a Channel Trailer on YouTube?

Now, let’s get into more detail how you may add your channel trailer on your YouTube Channel-

  • Click on settings gear icon located at the bottom of the banner section.settings


  • Further, toggle on “Customize the layout of your channel” and then, click on the save button at the bottom.


  • The next step is to upload a video that you want to be your channel trailer.
  • After that, click on the new visitor’s tab and then, the channel trailer option.
  • Upload your video and hit save button. See, you’re done!


5- Upload your first official video

It’s time to upload the first official video on your YouTube channel. As we’ve already discussed that video should not be longer. Make it short, consistent, and engaging. Upload videos on a regular time durations to engage your viewers every time. Each video should be such that prompt them to hook up on your channel and visit again with full excitement.


6- Optimization with basic information

When you’ve uploaded a video, you will be redirected to a page where you need to give your video a title, description, and tags. Don’t skip these sections as these can optimize your video searches. Let’s discuss it one-by-one:


Video titles & descriptions

Include a catchy video title. Try to use keywords in it. Further, you have to include a little description too about your video. Here too, try to include some keywords. It will help your viewers to find your video.

video titles


Add thumbnails:

Thumbnails are the book covers that will show on your videos. Add eye-catchy thumbnails that compel your audience to watch the video. Generally, the viewers take the decision to watch the video or not on the basis of these thumbnails. So, create and upload an attractive one.


When you scroll down a little below the description section, you will find the section for adding thumbnails. Moreover, you may also add a custom thumbnail on the video. It must not be more than 2MB size.



How to create an attractive thumbnail for your video?

Want to create an attractive thumbnail for your video, but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry! I’ll show you how easily you can do it by yourself. Although there are lots of platforms that you may use to create thumbnails, my preferred choice is Canva.  


  • Sign into your canva account by registering on it. Then choose the YouTube Thumbnails from the given options in ‘create your designs’ section or search using the search bar on the top.



  • Then select a template from a wide range of thumbnails and start editing it using different tools given in the left-sidebar.


search templates


  • After editing the template, click on the download button located at the top right corner of your screen and then upload it on the YouTube thumbnail section for your video.


Add Tags

To optimize the particular video along with your channel, don’t skip to add tags that are relevant to your brand. You may add keywords in your tags. This section helps your viewers to find out your video out of the huge crowd.


How to find the right keywords for your brand?

You are going to target your audience who may become your quality leads in future. Here comes the role of selecting the rights keywords. So, take proper care while selecting target keywords for your brand. Here, I’m gonna tell you about some methods that you may use while selecting the right keywords for your brand. Look at below-


YouTube Suggestions-

This is the best way to find out the right keywords for your brand. It will tell you all those possible keywords that your viewers are using to find out the videos like yours.


youtube suggestions

Just type a specific term related to your niche in the YouTube search bar. Then see the results. It will show you all those keywords that your viewers are also using to search on YouTube. Analyze all those keywords properly and select your right target keywords accordingly.

This is another best tool to find out the right keywords for your brand on YouTube. Go on the and select YouTube as your search priority. Type a keyword related to your niche in the search bar and then select the target location.


It will show you information related to search volume, trends, CPC, and competition for all related keywords. Furthermore, you will get information about questions, prepositions, and hashtags too related to that particular keyword. You need to buy its pro-version to access its more features.



7- Optimization with Advanced details

Providing a basic information about the video is not enough to optimize your YouTube channel. Rather, it requires something more. Besides the basic details option, click on the advanced button to fill out advanced information regarding your video.  After you’ve done, hit the save button on the top right.

advanced info


Categories: Choose the category that suits your brand. It will help you in organizing your content and channel on YouTube.

License & rights ownership: This section provides you with two options. One is for Standard YouTube License. It means that you are granting YouTube the rights to broadcast your channel. Another option is Creative Commons-Attribution. This option allows you to grant permission to someone else to mark your video as CC by license. In this way, you’ll retain copyrights while others can reuse your work subject to the specific terms & conditions.

Recording date: Setup the date on which your video is recorded. This helps your viewers to know when this content is updated on your channel.

Manage your subtitles & captions: This is the best way to engage your viewers. Add subtitles and captions on your video so that they will better understand each word which you have spoken in the video.

Additional options: When you scroll down, you’ll find some more additional options like enable age restriction, allow embedding, etc. Allow or disallow them as per your need.


additional options


8- Try Video Editor To Enhance the Look & Feel In Your Video

Wow…! To flourish your uploaded video with a new feel, YouTube has also added some new features in this section. Now, you may enhance the quality of your video using Video editor option.  If you are using it the first time, you need to click on get started button.


video editor


You will be then redirected to an editing page where you may enhance your video appearance. You may trim your video, add different soundtracks, and apply templates too. Look at the below image:


video editing


In this way, use this feature and enhance your video appearance.


9- Stay Consistent

Consistency is such an important factor for a successful YouTube channel that can’t be ignored. If you are not consistent, you’ll be out of the market soon. Keep consistency in uploading videos whether it is related to the content or time. Consistency in content means that stick on your niche. Don’t confuse your viewers about your channel content.


Further, when we talk about consistency in terms of time, it means that you have to shower your videos on your channel at regular time intervals. Don’t neglect after uploading one. Upload another after a particular time duration and continue it.  


10- Channel Integration

Obviously, when you have planned to come online, you’ve created a website too for your brand. So, this is the right time to integrate your YouTube channel with your website. There are the number of ways to showcase your videos on your website.  For example

Integrate with your website: You may add it to your homepage, in your blogs or any other page.

Integrate with your social platforms: Integrate your YouTube channel with Google+, Facebook, and other social platforms.


11- Engage with your viewers

When you take the first step, others will hold your hand. This concept proves fit here. Why? It is because when you are replying your viewers’ comments instantly, they think you are also interested in listening to their suggestions. Engaging with your viewers will give a chance to attract a crowd consisting of quality viewers on YouTube.


12-YouTube Analytics

Analyzing and observation is something you can’t ignore. The reason is that you have to find out whether you are getting good results or your efforts are not doing well as you’ve planned. You need to analyze from where you are lacking in your performance. Similarly, you have to analyze your viewers’ behavior too on your YouTube channel so that you may create a better strategy for YouTube marketing. Here, comes the role of YouTube Analytics!


What you can do with YouTube Analytics?


  • Analytics about “Reach Viewers”: It shows you analytics regarding Thumbnail impressions, impression CTR, traffic source-type, traffic source, and data in the form of a funnel. This funnel shows how many times a thumbnail was shown to viewers, how frequently those thumbnails resulted in a Click-through rate, and how those views ultimately led to watching time.
  • Analytics about “Interest viewers”: It shows you analytics regarding watch time in minutes, average view duration, audience retention, likes & dislikes, and end screen element click rate.
  • Analytics about “Build an audience”: It shows you analytics regarding unique viewers, average views per viewers, subscribers, watch time from subscribers, their gender and age, audience by countries, top subtitles/CC languages


Set the time duration for which you want to analyze the performance of your channel and see the results. On the basis of this analytics, plan your further strategies.