Local citation Service

While searching any service, a customer puts his more attention towards those websites whose visibility is on the first page of their search results. Getting top rank among local search results is not an easy task. Rather, it requires a lot of effective efforts. LiquidDo offers you Local Citation Services at affordable prices that improve your local traffic incredibly. Make your local visibility more attractive and magnetic with our Local Citation Services.

What is the Local Citation?

The local citation is the process of mentioning your business name, address, and phone number on the local business directories, apps, website, and other social platforms. It helps netizens to discover your business more easily. Apart from that, it also contributes local SEO and helps in ranking your site on Search engine ranking page.

The citation is always preferable for local business to ensure data accuracy. It helps a lot to fetch business, locally. Mentioning of your business on world wide web with the combination of your company details like name, address, mobile number, website address, and zip or postal code helps to rank you on the local search engine as well.

Thus, by employing Citation Building Service for your business can do a lot to enhance your ranking organically among local search results.

Types Of Citation Building Service:

There are different types of citation. We have enlisted these citation building services below. Take a look:

Structured Citation

As the name itself suggests, the structured citation is the mentioning of your local business details in a structured way. Your business information, NAP (Name, address, and phone number) has to be listed on various directories such as Yelp, Yellowpages, Facebook, MapQuest, ETC

Unstructured Citation

In an unstructured citation, your business information gets listed on websites which do not come under business listing directories. Mentioning of business information on magazine/newspaper, websites, the blogging website, wikis and other variety of publication is the unstructured citation. You may develop an unstructured citation either by self-approaching to the owner of these websites or by merit and public interest & sharing

Geo/industry- specific platforms

The citation can also be planned according to the business of similar genre and location. It helps in building major local business data platforms.

Apart from building local business listings that serve all industries, you can list your business on websites that are specific to its unique industry and geography. For example, the chamber of commerce websites or the websites of professional associations and guilds.

Major local business data platform

Local business should also be listed on the platform which is specially developed to list such type of information of the local business. Examples of such platforms are Google My Business, Acxiom, Localeze/Neustar, and Infogroup.

Benefits of Citation

Importance of Local SEO

It is prominence to rank your business on the Google search engine. Results of one of the surveys carried by Moz shows that citation related factors make up about 13.31% of all the top 50 factors for local search ranking.

Information Dissemination

Local citation proves to be highly beneficial in disseminating the correct information to the correct customers. It helps in capturing the eye the of your prospective client.

Built up Business

As information is passed on to the correct person by listing it on the various directory and non- directory site through structured and unstructured strategy, there is an immense increase in business opportunity. This ultimately leads to an increase in the database of clients. It helps in reaching your business to the great heights.

Customer experience

When your business name, address, and phone number are consistent everywhere, it builds trust among potential customers. Besides, it also enhances their experiences resulting in improved search rankings and attracting more traffic to your site

Our Local Citation Building Process

We, at liquidDo, serve our clients to get the best out of their businesses through our Local Citation Services. When our client gets succeed through our online marketing efforts, we consider it our success. Let’s explore our local citation building process that clearly describes how we employ Local Citation Service in our practices.

1. Collect information from your business:


Our citation building service starts with this crucial step. In the early phase of this article, we have explained what citation is. So, it is quite understandable that the first step we take to perform citation for your business is to collect information about your business. Our manager completely scrutinizes your business and pens down important information about the business.



2. Check the current status of the citation

After getting the required details or information regarding your business, we assign the task to our manager to check the current status of citation of your website.

He checks every minute details of the website citation and ensures that existing citation is correct. The incorrect citation will reduce your Google ranking. Furthermore, an increase of such ranking can be extremely harmful to your business.


3. Analyzing Competitors Citation Strategy

Analyzing Competitors citation and their keywords which are similar to your business is also necessary. When we know everything about our competitors, we are able to serve best to the clients with our citation building service.

After checking your existing status, actual citation process starts. Our main aim is to get your website list above competitors, therefore, we analyze your competitors and their citation strategy. We search keywords and other important information from your competitors which helps a lot to outlast them once the citation process for the website is completed.


4. Preparation of an excel report mentioning citation details

Our next step is to prepare an excel report that clearly shows the details of the citation of the website. We pay our due attention to each and every website which will be the part of your citation process.  Being well-experienced in this field, LiquidDo understands the wrong citation can do disaster to your site. That’s why we provide a flawless Local Citation Service to our clients.


5. Doing citation

Finally citation starts! We carefully list your business information such as Name, Address, Phone number, email address, pin code, etc to rank your site and enhance local SEO for the betterment of your business and profits which comes out of the running business.


6. Preparation Of final report

Once everything gets completed, we prepare a report for your reference. It contains all the details related to the citation that we do for your website. This report makes us accountable to all the task performed by our team and you can approach us any time regarding any doubt related to it. It also helps in checking the result of the money invested in the citation process.

In this way, through our citation building service, we provide high-end results to our clients.

Three Things Which Mandate You to Choose Us:

1. Time-consuming process.


A citation is more of a manual process and requires a lot of time to complete it. However, many software is there in the market which can complete the task within a short duration, but they are not sufficient enough to get the results. Sometimes, using an automated process may lead to the wrong citation which will adversely affect your business.

In this case, you should make a smart move and should hire us for the accomplishment of this process and save your time in doing the things in which you are expert at.  And with our Local Citation Service, we ensure everything that can bring the best for your business.


2. Cheapness will be expensive


If you are looking forward to some freelancing platform for citation building service at the cheaper rate. So, let us warn you! This decision of yours may lead to significant loss. Citation done by an inexperienced person may lead to the downgrade of your Google ranking.


3. A wrong citation may result in occurring a huge cost to business


If your website is listed in the wrong directory, then you have to bear a massive cost for that mistake. Google may lower down your ranking which such a blunder. Seeking the help of professionals for citation is essential. Since it is a very delicate process, therefore, handle it with great care.



How Much Time Does It Take to Deliver the Service?

We follow white hat SEO strategy and do link building by using the local citation. Our delivery time is 10-15 days with a safe and effective result.

Do Google Follows the Citation Backlinks?

Most of the citation has no-follow backlinks however we include do-follow backlinks also for you in our citation service. So yes, Google follows your do-follow backlinks. Also, no-follow backlinks will also be very useful for your business or blogging website to increase your domain authority.

Do I Need to Provide the Real Name, Phone Number, and Address for Citations?

Yes, you need to provide original name, phone number, address and other business detail for the citation to build backlinks for your website.

What Is the Next Step After Making Payment for the Service?

After making payment for the service, you need to fill the form. The form requires your website, phone number, address, and other mandatory business details. After completion of the contact form, our project manager contacts you via mail updating your order and its delivery.

How Many Backlinks Are Required for Complete Citation Process and to Improve My Local Seo Rank on the First Page of Google ?

Ranking your website on the first page of Google search engine depends on your competitors. You get in touch with our project manager for further guidance. Please click here for contacting us.