Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest Marketing Services

Present your offerings and capture the interest of your target audience using attractive visual appeals through our Pinterest Marketing Services. LiquidDo presents Pinterest Marketing Services to make your brands more effective among your potential customers. Our well-structured and streamlined Pinterest Marketing Services will give you an advantage of getting visibility on the search engines at the right time. Don’t let your products be left out from the eyes of your potential customers. Increase their visibility and get high-ranking among search results by visual search engines. Our expert Pinterest Marketing team provides Pinterest Marketing Services using high-quality and rich images that suit your brand style.  

Amazing Facts On Pinterest Marketing As Of December 2018

  • A statistics on social media platforms reveals the fact that Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet.
  • Over 250 million people are actively using Pinterest.
  • Talking about the average monthly data, around 600 million visual searches are conducted on Pinterest.
  • The research also showed that approx 80% of Pinterest traffic comes through mobile apps.
  • Furthermore, the average time spent on Pinterest per visit is approx 14 minutes.

Click Here for More Detail About Pinterest Audience Demographics & Users Stats

Importance of Pinterest Marketing :

The main purpose of presenting the above statistical facts is to show how the people from all over the world are engaging with Pinterest. This clearly signifies how important Pinterest Marketing is if you use this visual search engine platform to promote your brand.

A most popular Digital Marketing guy Niel Patel says, “Pinterest has become the hot ticket item for business marketing.” He further says, “Join the 500,000 businesses with Pinterest for Business accounts, and you’ll get added marketing features to promote your brand on one of the fastest growing and insanely popular social media platforms.”


The huge multinational companies like Exxon Mobile, WalMart, and Apple, and many more have also included Pinterest Marketing in their marketing strategies. Why didn’t you? If you are still not using Pinterest Marketing, you are still a backbencher in the online business world.

How to Promote Your Products or Service on Pinterest?

In order to promote your products and services on Pinterest, you have to set up your professional account on Pinterest. You may do it so by signing up for an official Pinterest for Business account. It allows you to take advantage of full Pinterest’s marketing potency to attract potential customers.

What Will You Get From Pinterest for Business Account?

Promoting your products on Pinterest for Business Account will give you lots of marketing features that allows you to grow your business more effectively as well as in an efficient manner. Following are some of the added perks that you will get while doing Pinterest Marketing-


Accept terms & conditions

For using Pinterest to promote your products, there are some terms that must go through carefully. Since you are using the Pinterest account commercially, we recommend you to read all the terms of service. Therefore, we are presenting some of the common but most important guidelines that you must adhere strictly while doing Pinterest Marketing-

  • It is not a good practice to use any variations of “Pinterest” in your name or domain name.
  • Avoid using any Pinterest marks, logos, graphics or similar variations as part of your logo or branding.
  • Another important point to understand is not to promote spam products.
  • Try not to run sweepstakes, rather ask pinners to vote with a repin or like.
  • Asking participants to comment repeatedly also comes under spam. Don’t do such things.

You may get full details regarding guidelines on Pinterest Marketing here.

Education Marketing Materials

Don’t know much about how to do Pinterest marketing? Well… Pinterest itself has the solution for your trouble. It provides many such guidelines for education marketing materials in order to let you know everything you can do with Pinterest Business Account.

Pinstitute- Have you heard about it? Actually, Pinterest has announced a new educational platform for businesses in the name of Pinstitute that assist them in learning how to connect with Pinners and see an even greater return from Pinterest.

Webinars and other useful resources-  Moreover, Pinterest is also planning a series of webinars for their small business. This helps you in learning other online learning tools.


Pinterest Analytics

Creating your business account on Pinterest will give you access to another important feature of Pinterest Analytics. You may track the analytics of your pins such as their views, impressions, engagements etc. This will help you in creating a perfect marketing strategy for the future.

2 Ways to promote your products and service on Pinterest

Now it’s time to understand how will you promote your products using Pinterest Marketing. Here are the 2 Ways that you may use in order to promote your brands, products, and service on Pinterest-

  • Pinterest Ads
  • Pinterest Free Traffic


Pinterest Ads

Compel your potential customers by creating an effective Pinterest ad for your product. When you are using Pinterest ads to promote your brands, it comes under the inorganic Pinterest Marketing. Just select the country and accept their updated terms.

Pinterest Ads

What campaigns you may run on Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you to run different types of campaigns. For example, awareness campaigns to build brand awareness, traffic campaigns to drive traffic to your site, a promoted app in campaigns to drive installs for your app, video awareness campaigns to drive impressions for your video.

Pinterest ad campaigns

Steps for creating a Pinterest campaign


Set up your campaign objective- First of all, you have to decide the objective for your campaign and then fill out the other campaign details like campaign name and budget. Then click on continue.

Campaign objective


Add ad group and demographic details- Further, you need to add some more details. The details are related to your ad groups, audiences, and targeting. Targeting details consist of gender, age, locations, languages, and devices.

Ad group details



Add Interest Details- Further, add interest details,i.e., the topics that are related to your brands. This will help you in reaching people based on other Pins they engage with. There are lots of interest categories that you can select to promote your campaign. Choose as per the need of your business.

Pinterest Interest


Choose relevant keywords- Now you need to choose the specific keywords that you relevant to your business. Minimum 25 keywords are preferred to choose to run your ad campaigns. You may also take help from the search bar on the right-hand side.


Pinterest Keywords


Set up your budget- Then, fill your budget details and schedule it to run. You may opt for a daily budget or lifetime budget as per your business need. Select the time duration in order to schedule it.

Pinterest Budget


Optimization and ad delivery- The next step is to select the optimization and ad delivery method. You need to decide about your maximum CPC here and then select the pace, i.e., whether you want to run your Pinterest ad campaign on the basis of the standard delivery method or an accelerated delivery method. Then click on the continue button.


Add Pins and Launch- After that, you have to add your pins to your ad group and launch it by pressing on the launch button.

Pinterest Free Traffic

Apart from using inorganic ways, you may also promote your product pins on Pinterest in an organic manner through Pinterest Free Traffic. We promote your brands, products, and services using the best Pinterest SEO techniques. A study on Pinterest has shown that approx 5% of all referral traffic is actually from the Pinterest site.

“Rich pins lead to the user more engagement, and you may achieve this through Pinterest Free Traffic.”

When you are using Pinterest Free Traffic in your Pinterest Marketing Strategies, you are actually enabling the rich pins for your Pinterest users. Using Pinterest Free Traffic, you may easily provide more information regarding your brand, improve content discovery, and may also create a great experience for all your Pinterest users.


What does Pinterest Algorithm say?

Whether your pins will show or not, depends on the four factors. Pinterest Algorithm works on these four factors and decides whether your pin will be visible to your target audience or not. These factors are-

  1. Domain Quality
  2. Pin Quality
  3. Pinner Quality
  4. Relevance


Benefits include:

  • High impact on your SEO rankings among organic search results.
  • Get a linked back to its original source.
  • Engage traffic through social signals.


Using our Pinterest Marketing Services, your website will get high organic rankings. For example, a keyword “Yoga Mat” has about 500 million searches. If you also have a website that sells yoga products, and you want to rank top among organic results for this particular keyword; we will assist you in doing so.

Moreover, using Pinterest Free Traffic, you can take advantage of Pinterest Content distribution feature. This allows you to send mail notification as well as mobile notification to your target audience whenever you have updated any pins on your pinboard. Have a look at the example of Pinterest Mail Notification-


Pinterest mail notification

Our Pinterest Case Study

Check out the below case study of our one of the clients that represent how we use Pinterest Marketing to grow business of our clientele

In the following image, it is clearly seen that we have reached 999 pin views that are related to our niche. Engagement rate of 85% represents the fact that how well we have performed to engage our target audience at the time when they are actually searching for the business like ours.

These are the results of our recent projects of Pinterest Marketing. You may see in the image that we have successfully received a huge amount of traffic from the Pinterest. All these are the results of our best and actionable Pinterest Marketing strategies.

Want to grow your website traffic too? Reach us at LiquidDo. Our expert Pinterest Marketing team will help you in accomplishing your business objective.

How we can grow your business using Pinterest marketing

Using Pinterest ads and Pinterest free traffic, we integrate the best marketing strategy in your business. It helps in making your business visible at the right time to your potential customers. Attract more traffic to your website and inspire them to engage with your brand through our Pinterest Marketing services.

Want to know how we grow your business? We incorporate the following Pinterest marketing services in your business that will lead to a huge amount of traffic on your website-

  • Ads Promotion
  • Organic Promotion
  • Optimized Pins and Pinboards
  • Engaging right audience
  • Effective Pinterest Marketing strategies
  • Increasing pin views, impressions, and engagement rate.

All this you can get through our LiquidDo team. Through our streamlined services, we convert your goal into action.


Why choose us?

Think once what you look whenever you buy something!

A trusted source, quality of products or service, guarantee, timely Delivery, result-oriented. Are these? Of course, you will be looking at all these features when hiring an agency for your business. Here LiquidDo comes.

Presenting the best and result-driven solution of Pinterest Marketing Services by LiquiDo. All services are designed keeping in mind all the requirements of our clientele. Get the best service for Pinterest free Traffic and run your effective marketing campaigns through Pinterest Ads.

Depending on your business goal, we suggest you the best.