How to Buy Quality Backlink 2019

How to buy quality backlink

Buy Quality Backlink to Rank Your Website in 2019

Backlinks are the most popular words in SEO Terms and Many People often struggle a lot to get the high-quality Backlinks. The more quality links are there pointing to your website, the more credibility your website would hold. Ultimately, it will get higher rankings in organic search results.


But, beware of low-quality backlinks, otherwise, it will damage your reputation. You have to be cautious while building or buying backlinks for your website. In today’s blog, I am gonna teach you from where you can get backlink opportunities and how to grab it. Furthermore, I will let you know where to buy backlink at affordable prices. Focus on the below-mentioned strategies and you’ll be able to build high-quality backlinks.


What Are Backlinks?

The backlinks are those links that are pointing back to your website in the form of hyperlinks. Thus, you can say that the backlink is the incoming link from another website. By creating backlinks, we allow Google Bots to crawl and index the content of the website or a specific page for which you have created the backlink. Let’s get into more detail about the common but most important terms in reference to backlinks-

Link Juice- Link juices are passed when someone gives you any web page or whole website a backlink from his own site. It helps in increasing the Domain Authority of your website.

No- Follow links- If you don’t want to pass link juice, you just need to use a “no-follow” tag. This will prevent the passing of link juice from the site.

Do-follow link- Do-follow links are able to pass the link juices from a particular blog. By default, every link is a Do-follow link unless it is mentioned as a no-follow link.

Linked root domains- This signifies the number of backlinks that are pointing back to your website from unique domains.

Old School Backlink Method

Do you know about the old backlinking strategies? Actually, those link building strategies are called old school backlink. If you are familiar with SEO practices or you are practicing SEO techniques from a long time, you are definitely aware of the old link building strategies such as like directory submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum submission etc.

But practicing these old link building strategies will really work in 2019? Obviously not.

The reason behind this is very clear. If you think you are smarter, then actually, you are not. It is because Google Algorithms are much smarter than you. Your all smartness will go in vain if you are still using old SEO link building strategies such as spammy backlink method. Instead, your website will get penalized by Google Penguin.

Backlink in 2019

No doubt if you are planning to boost up your website, building Backlink can be an effective way in doing so only when you are doing it in right and updated manner. You have to understand the latest updates of Google Algorithms in order to build high-quality backlinks.

Backlink Case Study My Client Dentist Website

I would like to discuss with you one of my client’s project in order to make you understand in depth.  Recently, I tested a client Dentist Website which is a two-months-old website.  Further, I bought a brand new domain name and targeted 35 keywords having more than 2k volume. After I have completed On-site optimization, I had started building backlinks.

Would you like to know how did I start creating high-quality backlinks camping for a brand new website? Go through with the step-by-step process and you will get to know everything-

1st Week:

I created the social profiles of my client’s website and also created valuable content for these social media sites. Without thinking about others who told me it’s much effective to create social media profiles, I have created these social profiles just because it shows Google that you are also in the market.

2nd Week:

I had started doing citation submission keeping in mind the niche for which the website belongs. Moreover, before getting the backlink, I qualified and reviewed that sites. In this week, I received some do-follow as well as a no-follow link.

3rd Week:

Now its time to earn high-quality Dofollow Backlinks. In this week, I found a blogger of my niche and I offered him my quality peach of the content as a contributor and then I earned 10 links in a week.

4th week:

I follow the same procedure as I did in the 3rd week because now my target is only to earn high-quality backlinks related to my niche and believe me when I checked it after 4 weeks my SERP account, the website got rank#1 for 20 keywords.

So this was the exact way how I was able to build quality backlinks. It really works.

Most of you don’t know how to earn quality of the backlink.  Don’t worry, I will show you how you can earn quality backlink bellow this article.

Why Backlinks Are so  Important?  

The essence of understanding why backlinks are important is in understanding how search engine see links and how your links have been interpreted by them. Actually, the search engine uses these backlinks in order to discover new web pages and in determining how well should these pages be ranked in search results. A crucial point to be noted is that links are such important signals through which search engines determine page rankings on their search results. Therefore, the higher the quality of backlinks, the higher the organic rankings your website will get.

Truly speaking, Backlinks are the SUCCESS KEY to every SEO Campaign because Search Engine gives the positive credit to quality backlink. Furthermore, if your website has quality backlinks, no doubt in saying that your website will receive a huge amount of traffic from these quality backlinks. So, the moral of the story is building quality backlink helps in boosting your rank on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Moreover, have a look at the following benefits that also describe the importance of building high-quality backlinks-

  • Assist in outreaching to other relevant websites and blogs that relate to your industry.
  • Building long-lasting relationships with the key influencers of your industry.
  • It leads to an increase in traffic.
  • Creating or establishing a brand name in the industry.

Can We Rank Our Website Without Any Backlink?

In the case study which I have mentioned above, I ranked many websites without any backlink and there was very low competition. In addition to this, I always try to find the low competitive keywords having high search volume for my client’s online business.

The strategy which I follow in order to rank the website without link building practices takes almost 4 months to rank on the low competitive keywords, but if I start creating links for that site, I am pretty sure that my website will get ranked within one month. It is just because of the backlinks that help in boosting your rank only when you do so in the right way.

Backlink: How it Works in 2019:

I have already discussed you earlier the step-by-step procedure of creating backlinks in a proper way in the previous case study. If you really care about your site or your client’s site, you just need to focus on only quality backlink building. The reason is obvious. If you focus on building quality backlink, Google loves your link. Moreover, you will get the real traffic. It ultimately boosts your website ranking, if you do proper on-page SEO.

Want to build quality backlinks? Want to generate quality leads? Let’s understand how you can build the quality backlinks in 2019-

1. Guest Posting Outreach:

In this method, you just need to find those bloggers who relate to your niche. For example, my niche is the dental health industry, so, I will find a blogger who creates blogs on dental health, dental problems or anything related to dental solutions or topics.
After finding the right blogger, I will pitch my content to the blogger. Truly speaking, many bloggers are also looking for contributors who can create quality content. You just need to provide them with quality and effective content.

All the content that I provide is of high-quality, consisting of at least 2k to 3k words. Infographics can do a lot in creating a visual impact. That’s why I also create infographics for the content. After that, I pitch to the blogger and because of the good quality and well-researched content, they accept it. Now, I am sure that you have an idea what content blogger loves to post and how they become ready to provide a backlink.

In the following video, you will learn some search intent and how you can find guest post opportunities in your niche-

2. Citation:

The citation refers to the process of providing your NAP, i.e., Name, address, and Phone number on your website. But, do you know you can use citation for link building too?

Generally, most of the citation provides no follow links but there are also many citations that provide a do follow link.

Want to know more about citation? Click here

3. Forum Posting:

I am crazy to talk about forum posting. Forum Posting will generate a huge amount of traffic.  Avoid spammy forum posting. Further, If you want to get high-quality links, you just need to work a little hard.

Talking about the case study which we have discussed earlier, I found some dentists related forum for my website and got some links from those forums. But before getting those links, I had to provide values to the forum community.
Forums are basically for the people who are looking for answers to their questions regarding their niche. So this type of link building will 100% work in 2019 if you do it in the right way.

How to qualify link opportunities?

1. Qualify Using Ahrefs:  When you search any website using site explorer in Ahrefs, you find some useful information about Domain Rate, UR Rate, Traffic Value, Backlinks. So, you need to first check website UR AND DR. The another important thing you must focus on is that you need to check the backlink profile.

2. Using Similar Sites: Basically, I love to check every backlink opportunities sites inside similar site because using similar sites, I can easily check the website traffic along with the source of website traffic.

3.  Moz: Moz is another famous tool for checking the authority of any website. Using Moz, you can check Domain authority and Page authority. Try to choose always 20+ DA and PA as it will be more beneficial for your site.

4. Majestic: Majestic is also a famous tool to check the relevancy of any website. For example, if you have a website of health niche, Majestic will tell you backlink opportunities for your site.

Talking about my case study, I have a dentist website. That’s why I tried to find backlink opportunities in the health niche and majestic also shows using blue color for health niche. Moreover, with majestic, you must qualify your backlink opportunities. Majestic calculate any website in TF AND CF. Therefore, you must select at least 20+ Tf in your niche. That’s what I choose and it works for me.

So these are the four methods through which I qualify the backlink opportunities. Always remember, before putting your link into any of the sites, you need to qualify the above methods. Otherwise, your site will go into the danger zone in Google’s Eye.

Where to Buy Backlink:

To buy backlink is not an easy task because if your backlinks provider doesn’t know about the quality of the backlink, then how he can make quality backlink for your website. If you are the one who is also looking for good backlinks provider, make sure that you choose right and experience provider.

Buy Backlink from the US

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