Plumber SEO | A Comprehensive SEO Guide for Plumbers

Since most of your customers are now surfing online, they are likely to find the best plumbing services over there too. Pitching your plumbing service at the place where your customers are actually finding. Now the point is how will you push up your plumbing services on the top in search results in front of your target leads? Well! That’s what Plumber SEO is for. Here, in this ultimate guide for your Plumber SEO from which you will learn how best your website may perform in generating more revenue from your plumbing services. Tighten your belts and let’s go!

Understanding Plumber SEO

“Plumber SEO is an online marketing strategy for promoting plumbing services that allow plumbing companies or individual plumbers to rank higher among organic search results and helps in diverting more traffic on their website.”

Using Plumber SEO for your company, you will be able to-

  • Generate quality leads
  • Get maximum return
  • Sustain your business for a long-term
  • Boost your revenue.
  • Level up your market.

Need For Plumber SEO

When someone needs to repair and install the pipes and drainage systems, the very first thing they do is to find plumbers who may fix these plumbers.

They may first scroll their contact lists in their phone to find out contact number of a plumber. What if they don’t have any contact with them?

They will definitely open their browsers tap in their phone and start searching for the best plumbing service near them. It is also possible that they may ask for referrals from their friends and family.

If you are a plumber or a plumbing company, this can be an opportunity for you to serve them with your plumbing skills. Want to know how? Of course, by opting for the best Plumber SEO services!

Plumber SEO can be a milestone of success for your plumbing company.

But if you’re not showing up your plumbing services on page one of Google, Yahoo & Bing for the plumbing related keywords in your area, then you are actually out of the market.

How To Boost Your Sales Using Plumber Seo?

To understand how using Plumber SEO in your business will double your revenue, have a look at the below-mentioned example-

Consider yourself as an individual or a company engaged in serving people from your best plumbing services.

Since you are providing them with your best, you have established yourself as a good plumber or a good plumbing organization in the minds of your routine customers. Still, you haven’t reached the entire market yet.

Even, you don’t have an idea that you haven’t served with your plumbing services to the needy people within your locality at the time when they required your services.

Hugh… You’ve left out a major part from where you can make your business.

So, what can be the right way that makes you available at the doorstep of your customers at the time when they are in need of your plumbing services?

Well! It’s Plumber SEO. Not only for making you available at the right time but also for generating more revenue than you are earning right now!

When you employ Plumber SEO, you will be able to target more leads than ever before. These leads will become your loyal customers having served by your satisfied services.

Tada! You’re able to double your sales in this way!

Employ Plumber SEO services in your business and take your business to the next level to maximize your success in terms of leads, traffic, and profitability.

Seo Strategies For Plumber Seo

So! Ready to learn brilliant SEO strategies for your plumbing business?

Great! We will help you in making you understand how well you may grow your plumbing business using these SEO strategies.

Just follow the below-mentioned procedures in the best possible manner and get amazed with superb results-

1. Decide The Goal For Your Business

The very first step you should consider is to decide your business objective. It means that you need to identify how you want to grow and what are your desired results.

This must include your target market. For example, if you are a plumber in Albany, your target market can be your local town or you can target the multiple cities in New York.

It depends on your business objective on how you want to grow your market.

Research it first and don’t make haste. Decide carefully after deep analysis.

2. Keyword Research

The next step that you need to focus on is to understand how your customers are trying to get plumbing services using their internet. Here you have to focus on your target keywords.

Carefully analyze what keywords your customers are using to explore the web to find out your service.

Before going in deep about keyword research, you must know what does keyword mean.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the specific terms or phrase that your potential customers are typing in the search bar of the search engine to find out the specific solution for their problems.

When we talk in terms of a plumbing business, you have to select those keywords that are related to your niche.

For example, plumbing services in Albany, plumbers near me, hire plumbers in Albany, etc. Have a look at the below image that clearly shows the keyword for plumbing business-


possible keywords for plumbing business



How To Find The Right Keywords?

You can’t read the mind of your customer. But you may analyze their behaviour. By analyzing their behaviour, you may easily understand what would be the right keywords for your business.

There are many keywords that your potential customers are using. So, how will you find them?

Don’t think more. Here is an answer.

  • You may opt for Google Keyword Planner. It is the best way to find the right keyword ideas for your business.
  • Keyword planner also provides you with insights about forecast and research volume of keywords so that you decide after a careful analysis.
  • Focus on your niche and observe what your customers can type in their search bar.
  • Another best way to keep an eye on your customers’ query is to keep tracking on the best forum sites like Quora. Because people tend to ask their questions here, so you may easily find out what can be your target keywords.
  • I’ll recommend you to go preferably for local keywords. Why? It’s because a majority of the persons tend to find services in their nearby area using their mobile phone. So, you may easily target them.


Optimize Your Website Structure

This is a very important step which you can’t ignore.

If your website structure is not optimized, your site visitor may not be able to see your skills and other important stuff on which you have mentioned on your site in order to contact with them. Let’s understand how:

Think by keeping your feet in your customers’ shoes, i.e., try to understand their point of view.

If you are one of your customers who is looking for the best plumbing service in your nearby area, what will you do?

You will definitely pick out your phone and start searching on your browser for the best plumbers in your area. Wouldn’t you?

Assume you have found one of the sites, but didn’t get enough details. It might be due to the bad structure of your website. No doubt you will search for other site leaving behind that one.

So, what was that which forces you leaving that site to explore another one? Exactly! an optimized site structure. So how will you improve it?

Here are some points that you may consider-

  • Plan your hierarchy.
  • Optimize URL structure.
  • Create site navigation in HTML or CSS
  • Optimize your internal links. The most popular site Moz has also described what should be your internal link structure. Click here to learn more.
  • Give your site visitors a search bar from where they may jump a specific page on your site.

Have a look on the below image that shows how your website may appear in search results with an optimized website structure-


optimized website structure for good search results

Improve Your Content Structure

Just as you can’t ignore your website structure, similarly, you can’t avoid your content structure.

An optimized content structure means that whatever you are providing within your website, it must be in a proper format.

No matter whether the information is in text form, in image form or in video form, it must be relevant and have mentioned in a proper way.

For example, for your plumbing business, your business hours and contact details should be mentioned clearly.

Tell your brand story

Each brand has a unique story. For example, why did it established, how did it grow gradually, what had prompted the business owners to get started with the brand etc.

It should be compelling in nature. Your brand story creates the first impression on your site visitors. So make sure it is an attractive one.

Optimize For Local SEO

Generally, plumbing business is such that people prefer to do for their local areas.

Apart from that, the people who are looking for their service want to hire a plumber from their nearest location and that’s why they generally use keywords like “best plumber near me”, “plumber near me” etc.

So you have to improve your local SEO to make your site visible in front of your customers at the right time.

Through local SEO, you may optimize your site as per the norms of search engine so that it may appear on the top among organic search results.

Register On Google My Business

Google My Business is the best way to improve your local search traffic.

It helps your potential customers find you easily. Here are the following reasons why you must move ahead with Google My business-

  • It allows your business to appear in front and center.
  • It shows all the important information regarding your business to the right of a Google search or at the top of a mobile search for easy access.
  • Moreover, it allows customers to find the right info, right at their fingertips.
  • They can get in touch with your plumbing business with just a click.
  • Google My Business also allows you to post your photos related to your business that shows customers what makes you unique.  So, share what is best about your business.
  • You may also check the local insights of your business using Google My Business. By using Google insights, you may analyze how many times your business and contents were viewed.  
  • You may tell to your happy customers to give you ratings and reviews for your plumbing services.

In this way, you may opt for Google My Business to grow your plumbing business in your nearest location.

Local Three Pack Results

This is a major change that has happened in Google’s local search results.

With such a major update, Google shows only the top three local results on Google Map ranks which is also called as local three pack results.

Depending on the physical location of the searcher, these local three pack results keep on rotating.

So, in order to ensure that your plumbing business appears at the top, you have to optimize your local SEO.

Keep updating and optimizing your Google My Business page and ensure proper consistency has been maintained regarding the citations of business.

And, that’s how you can get the top ranking in local search results and target the right kind of customers.

Have a look at the below image how business gets appeared in local three pack listing on Google Map.


local three pack result


Increase Your Local Listings Om Relevant Directories

List your plumbing business only on those local business sites that have high domain authority and are also related to your niche.

Otherwise, the results cannot be derived as you desired beforehand.

Ensure each detail regarding your business information does not differ from one listing directory to another listing directory.

Furthermore, you should ensure accuracy in the description of your business on each local directory.

NAP Consistency

Make sure your NAP, i.e., your name, address, and phone number is consistent everywhere you have registered your business.

It will clear doubts in the mind of your customers that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

Don’t forget, a trust can bring a lot of customers to your business. So, maintain NAP consistency of your business.

Link Building

Although some people prefer to buy quality backlinks, still you can acquire them in many other ways.

Don’t run to buy backlinks, try to earn it. The more relevant your backlink profile is, the higher you will rank in the search engines.

When an external website links out to your website, it is called as a backlink.

Thus, if Google and other search engines find your website linked with the relevant and high-quality websites, your website authority and trust increase with the search engines.

Here, are some ways that allow you to create high-quality backlinks on your site-

  • Do thorough research on competitive backlinks.
  • Create an engaging content that compels other major sites to link your website.
  • E-mail outreaching can be the other option to get quality backlinks for your site.
  • Do guest posting in the construction industry blogs.

Use Schema Markup

Schema markup is the best way to create structured data for your website.

It will help you in boost your site rank in search results.

Schema markup helps search engines to better understand important elements of your web pages’ content, such as phone numbers, addresses, reviews, and events.

How is schema mark up useful for your plumbing business?

It allows your potential customer to gain more relevant information about your service in an organized manner.

schema markup for plumbing business

Ensure Security Using An SSL Certificate

The SSL Certificates are the kind of small data files that help in binding a cryptographic key to an organization’s details in a digital way.

It is installed on your web server in order to ensure secure connections on your website.

It activates the padlock and the https protocol. The purpose of activating SSL certificate is to allow secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Thus, an SSL certificate builds the trust for you and your plumbing services in the mind of your site visitors.

Needless to mention how beneficial it is to maintain a long-lasting trust among your customers.


Our Success Stories- Case Studies

Want to know how well we have performed till now in the field of plumber SEO?

Well… for your convenience, here we are providing a case study that makes you surprised.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Go through with the following case study and see how the magic happened in results using our Plumber SEO services-

I’m going to tell you every step that we have processed to increase the reach of our client as a successful plumber in his target market. This story is one of our clients from the Albany, NY. His name is Dale Parker.

What Was The Actual Problem?

So, the actual problem of our client has been started when he was not getting enough amount of leads to grow his business.

He had also registered his plumbing business in some of the directories in the hope of getting new clients.

But this strategy didn’t work well! He didn’t get the best results as he expected from it.

So, this was the actual problem of Dale Parker. He wants to grow his business but the mere listing on some of the directories couldn’t help him in achieving his goal.

What next?

Why Problem Has Occurred To Him?

Someone has rightly said that in order to achieve any goal, you need to take proper guidance and work on outlining meaningful strategies beforehand.

By doing this, everything will be continued in a planned way and you may easily get success.

The same is the case with Dale Parker, our plumber client. Following are the main reasons why Dale Parker faced failure in his move-

  • Didn’t plan a structured path to follow.
  • He forgot to decide his target market.
  • Further, he didn’t understand where his target customers are.
  • The listing on directories was also not of high domain authorities.

So, these were some of the major flaws in his working process that didn’t allow him to grow his business.

Now, let’s get into deep how he started succeeding again.

The ultimate solution

After his failure in attempts to increase his client’s database, he hound us, i.e., LiquidDo, an SEO agency, 6 months ago. This was the best turn in his business move.

We have done whatever we can in order to provide him with successful results. Hence, he found valuable SEO suggestions from our expert SEO team. Here, is how we have helped him in growing his plumbing business-

Optimized Website Design:

First of all, we have created a brand new website for his business. The website design is as per his plumbing requirements.

As you are also learning a new experience, you must understand one fact. Each business is of a different nature and has some specific needs or requirements.

Therefore, the website design should also be according to those business requirements.

We can’t make a single design for every business. Thus, keeping this fact in mind, we have made a brand new website for our client to meet his plumbing business needs.

Keywords Targetting:

Our next step was to find out those keywords that his customers were using to find the plumber services to repair and install the pipes and drainage systems.

Using Google Keyword Planner, we have come up with lots of keyword ideas for the plumbing business.

Apart from keyword ideas, we also drove some forecasts related to the targeted keywords for local search using Google Keyword Planner.

This gave us an idea of some of the keywords that we may target to grow the plumbing business of our client.

Using this strategy, we have ranked his plumbing business in his city for 8 keywords. You may see this result in the following screenshot-

Screenshot of ranked keywords for plumbing business.

Focused on Local SEO:

Since our client’s basic requirement was to attract more leads from the local area, we majorly, focused on Local search engine optimization of his plumbing business.

We have listed his website and business in Google My Business. We also took good care of citation and link building process from those local directories who have high domain authorities.

Moreover, we didn’t forget to include opening and closing hours along with mentioning of correct contact details while performing citation.

Our Success Results Of Plumber SEO

After 6 months, the scenario has changed. By using our best Plumber SEO strategies, we were able to mark success for our client’s plumbing business.

Want to know how best we have performed in growing the plumbing business of our client? Here, is how-

  • Today, the client’s website is ranked for 8 keywords in his city.
  • He is getting more leads for his business.
  • His market size has spread unexpectedly.
  • He has increased his goal of business because he is earning huge profits now.


After getting such amazing results, our client is inspired now and planning to grow more leads for his plumbing business. Furthermore, we are still trying more to provide more leads to our client.

So, that’s how we made it! That’s how SEO strategies work.

5 Useful Tips To Enhance Your Plumbing Business

Now, it’s time to have a quick takeaway.

Below, we are providing some bonus tips that you may leverage to grow your plumbing business.

Jump start your Plumber SEO successfully by employing these powerful bonus tips to boost your plumbing business:

  1. Never forget to register on Google Business Listing as it will help you in getting connected with lots of your potential customers.
  2. Give complete contact details of your business so that your potential customers may not find it difficult to get your plumbing services.
  3. Try to get reviews from your local customers to whom you have already served with your plumbing services. It will help in boosting your rank among search results.
  4. Always check your site structure. It should be responsive enough to be opened on each device, especially for mobiles. It is because most of your customers will find you using their mobiles to make you a call for plumbing service.
  5. Outreach the influencers that come under your niche to create high-quality links for your website.


Why Choose Us?

Don’t lose your business to other plumbing companies. LiquidDo is here to help you out.

We have employed the best SEO professionals having extensive experience in Plumber SEO practices.

They help in getting more qualified website traffic and convert more website visitors into leads and booked jobs for your plumbing companies and contractors.

If you have the skills of plumbing and want to serve it to more leads, then Plumber SEO is for you.

Learn more how we are better Plumber SEO company from others-

Completer Analysis Of Your Competitors

We help you in guiding how you may easily outrank your local competitors using our Plumber SEO services. Moreover, we also help you analyze search terms along with their monthly search volumes in the market.

Optimizing Your Local Business

We know your requirement of spreading your market in your local area. Knowing your target and business requirements very well, we are able to optimize your local business in an effective and efficient manner.

Publishing High-quality Website Content

Our professional content writers are able to create a magnetic content that can stick your audience on your website. They will get high value from our high-quality content which ultimately urges them to convert into your loyal customers.

Better Website Performance:

We offer you with our best Plumber SEO services that make your website search engine friendly and push it up among the organic search results. The better the website performance, the better will be your ROI.

All-Time Support Team:

We, at LiquidDo, don’t leave your hands until you achieve your desired goals. Every time, your potential customers are finding you, your business will be visible to them.

You’ll get all-time support team who use their expertise to make you out of your online marketing problems.


LiquidDo, the top SEO company, strives to provide you with its superior service by offering the best Plumber SEO services to you.

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