Restaurant SEO

Restaurant SEO

Presenting the best Restaurant SEO services that give your restaurant a push on the top of search engines when your customers are figuring out where to go for a meal.

No matter where your customers are, whether they are at their home or they are traveling, they will be looking for a place where they can satisfy their hunger. So, why not your restaurant? Let them know how best your restaurant is! Employ our high-end Restaurant SEO services and attract all the potential customers at your place.

Restaurant Ranking

What is Restaurant SEO?

Think of you as a customer who is hungry and has no mood to go into the kitchen and cook for something. What would you do?

Well… If I would be there, I’ll quickly pick out my smartphone from my pocket and start searching for the best restaurants near my location. Wouldn’t you do this too?

Now come out of the above imagination and think of your own point of view, i.e., now you need to think as a restaurant’s owner. Wouldn’t you like them to visit your restaurant? If yes, then you have to go online. You have to make your restaurant visible at the time when they actually need you. Else you will lose this opportunity to gain huge traffic on your restaurant.


Why Should You Do Restaurant SEO?

Finding ways to grow your restaurant online? Think out of the box and leverage more traffic on your website. Nobody wants to lose its customers, whether it’s you or any other business. Each one wants to retain its traffic.

Talking about the food industries, SEO is a necessity, especially when they want exposure from local traffic. Because it is the only way following which they can grow their ROI and make them able to be different from others.


Do you really want to highlight your restaurant among your competitors? You should avail SEO services for your restaurant website. Show the world how unique your recipes are!

Here are some important points that describe clearly why should you do SEO for your restaurant website:

Attract Local Customer

By employing SEO practices for your restaurant website, your potential customers who reside nearby your restaurant location will be able to find you when they search for a meal in their area. So, attract them through proper SEO practices and convert them to your loyal customers with your delicious recipes.

Enhance Your Popularity

When your result will be seen on the top of the search page among various organic search results, you will rock! It will be easier for your customers to get to your location. All this is possible with SEO techniques.


Generate more Money

SEO helps you in getting a huge amount of website traffic. This website traffic will then get converted into your restaurant customers. Ultimately, you will get the opportunity to present your delicious recipes to a huge amount of traffic. This leads to generating more Money for your business.


Build High-quality Relationships

When the customers find your business instantly on their search engine page, they will likely to visit your restaurant to have a good taste. In this way, by presenting delicious recipes of your restaurants, you actually build high-quality relationships with your customers. Always remember, a customer relationship which is of high-quality, will surely last forever.


Improve Your Engagement Rate

Presenting your top-quality and delicious recipes on a search page, you can attract your customers’ attention. The best your dishes, the higher the engagement rate. Employing SEO practices, therefore, proves to be the path of your business success.


Don’t know How to Do Restaurant SEO?

Don’t Worry! Even if you are not technical savvy, you can also do SEO by yourself. I’ll present you the best ways of doing SEO for your restaurants so that you may also be able to generate high-quality leads to your business. Without wasting time, go through all these points and learn how to do SEO in simple steps-


How to Know About Our Ideal Customer

There are some steps that you should follow while knowing about your ideal customers. Following all those steps, you will easily identify all about your ideal customer. Look at below-

Setup Your Target Location

First of all, set up your target location. Target location should be such where you want your traffic from. This is an important aspect while doing SEO because your search engine ranking on search engine result page will depend on your target location.

For example, I have a restaurant in New York, named as So, my target location to attract potential customers will be New York as I want to attract the local visitors more than who live far from my location.

What are keywords?

As you are going to enter into the online world, you must know what are your target keywords. Because these keywords will become the foundation for your success. Before going into details about the target keywords for restaurants, you must know first what does “Keyword” means.

When talking in terms of SEO of restaurant website, all those keywords that your site visitors are using to search for restaurants can be your target keywords for the restaurant.

Don’t haste! Give a proper time to search for the relevant keywords. Otherwise, it will take no time to lose your customers.


How to Find the Right Keywords?

So, the target keywords are those keywords on which you want to rank high among search engine results. Now the big question is how to find the right keywords for your restaurant website? How will you know what keyword should you focus on? Where can you identify them?

As your restaurant is more based on location, or we may say that it is a location specific, I recommend you to go with the Google Keyword Planner.


How Google Keyword Planner Assist You in Finding the Right Keywords?

Google Keyword Planner is the best way to identify the right keywords based on a specific location. It not only shows the different kinds of metrics related to your target keywords but it also can forecast future metrics based on the past data.

Here is how you may use Google’s Keyword Planner to find out the right keywords for your Restaurant website-

  • Sign up on your Google Ads account
  • Then go to the tools option located at the top navigation menu and select the keyword planner tool from there.
  • Here, you will find two options. First one is to find new keywords which give the keyword ideas related to your business. Another one is to get search volume and forecasts.

Keyword Idea

  • When we select the first option which is “Find new keywords”, it will show you such keyword ideas that help you in reaching people to your restaurants. Just enter your words, phrases or URL related to your business. You may add as many keywords as you want to get an idea for those. It will show you the results of different metrics like volume, CPC, Competition, average monthly searches, ad impression share, etc. For example, I have searched for keyword ideas for the best restaurant in New York. See in the below image how keyword planner has provided me useful information:


  • Another way to get keyword ideas is “search volume & forecast”. You need to add words or phrases related to your business. This also allows you to upload your CSV file here. On the basis of your plan, it will provide you with forecasted metrics related to your keywords.

In this way, you may get lots of ideas related to the right keywords from your niche. Do proper research and then select which one can prove best for your business.

How to Qualify Your Website?

To get qualified your website from Google’s point of view is very important to get a higher ranking among organic search results. It means that you have to integrate such strategies or practices in your website that will enhance or improve its performance on search engine page. You may say it as the technical SEO.

Your potential customers will find your restaurant’s website worthy only when they see it on their search results with a high rating. So, you need to employ these practices perfectly.

Let’s understand how you may qualify your website with these simple steps:

Check Your Mobile Responsiveness

Check whether your website is responsive for mobiles or not. Since most of the website visitors access any site from their mobile, so your site should be responsive enough to get open on their smartphones. Otherwise, you’ll lose such opportunity to grow your website traffic.

Using Google Mobile-Friendly Tool You Can Test Your Website.

Fully Responsive & Optimized Design

The structure of your website design should be fully optimized. Proper navigation should be placed in the right place. It should be such that whenever your potential customer visits your site, they will find everything easily from your website. Thus, your website design must be responsive and Optimized.

HTTP Error

HTTP error message shows that something is wrong with the website. Thus, if your customer will find such an error message, the major chances are such that they will never come back resulting in the loss of your potential customers and revenue.

Do you want such things to happen to your restaurant website too? Then, fix this error, if there any.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate shows how secure your web server is. It helps in building trust among website visitors as they feel safe while surfing on to their website. Take this certificate and lock your safety from attackers.

Website Speed Test

When it comes to the responsiveness of a website, page speed or load time matters a lot. You can’t ignore this important SEO factor. Just think what if your customers have found you while surfing on the web and made a click on your link, but your website is taking a lot of time to load on their systems or smartphones? Will they stick there for a longer time period? No, they will not. Rather, they will rarely wait for 3-4 seconds and go back.

Thus, to retain your customers on your website, you have to enhance its page speed.

Using Pingdom Tool You can check your website speed.

Clear Contact Details

Wherever you are mentioning details about your restaurant, make sure it is clear and consistent. Most importantly, don’t forget to mention the opening and closing hours along with the street address of your restaurant. Because your customers will definitely want to know when your restaurant is opened to satisfy their hunger.

How to Setup On Page Optimization?

On-page optimization is also vital to make your restaurant visible organically. If not done properly, the site rank will lower down among organic search engine results. Don’t worry. In this section, you will learn everything about On-page optimization.

What is One Page Optimization?

On-page optimization is also termed as On-Page SEO. It refers to the process wherein each web page of a particular website is individually optimized. As we are optimizing within the website, that’s why it is known as On-page SEO. It helps in earning more relevant traffic from search engines.

Thus, when we talk about your restaurant website, it should be such that your site visitors can easily find you. And for this, you need to optimize your website in an optimum manner. Check out the following points that form the base for On-page Optimization of a website-


Title Tag-

A title tag is a crucial factor in on-page optimization as it specifies the title of a web page. Make sure your title tags include relevant keywords as these will be visible on the search results.



Meta Description-

You may call it a short snippet describing your web page. Make sure you have included the relevant keywords in your meta description. As per recent algorithms of Google, the ideal length of the meta description should not exceed 155 characters.




Whatever image you are uploading on your website, make sure it is compressed or optimized. If you don’t use compressed images, it will increase your page loading time. And we have already discussed earlier the worst effect of slow loading time of web page. You can use TinyPNG for compress your images.



Alt tag-

Alt tags are the alternative texts for the particular web page. It is also known as alt attribute or alt description. It provides search engines with alternative texts that their site visitor may use to find out the business like yours.


Keyword Density-

Whatever keyword you are focusing on, ensure its correct density in the web page. It is the percentage of times any keyword is using in particular content. As per the recent norms of Google, an ideal keyword density is 1% or 2%.


Content duplication-

Avoid content duplication practices. Put your original content on the website without any content duplication. Otherwise, your website will get penalized by Google. Check out this site to figure out duplicate content.


Register on Google My Business Listing

Since you are going to create a strong online presence for your restaurant, it is obvious that you should attract your local traffic first. There may be many people in your area who are still not aware of your restaurant. You have to approach them and tell them your physical presence. Here, comes the role of Google My Business listing. It allows your website to be on the top among local search results.

Go through with the following steps and know how you may also register your restaurant website on Google My Business.

  • Login to your Google account first.
  • Type in your URL bar and press enter. You will find start now button at the top-right corner. Click on it.
  • Enter your business name and click next button.
  • Further, you need to fill out your business address.
  • Choose the right category of your business and add your contact details and address clearly.
  • Select the verification method of Postcard by mail. After this, you will get a postcard from Google within 5-6 days. It consists of a verification code. You just need to enter it on your Google my business account and you will be get registered.

Google Reviews- Try to get more reviews for your restaurant website from your local customers. It will help in increasing your local search rankings.

Link Building Process

The link building process is necessary for Off-page optimization of a website. It helps in increasing the DA and PA of your restaurant website. Let’s understand what is it all about an how may get high-quality backlinks for your website.

What is link building?

The link building refers to the process wherein a website gives back a link to another site. It involves the process of getting high-quality inbound links for your website. Not only this, but It also helps in increasing the search engine rankings among organic results. Apart from that, it allows Google bots and your visitors to navigate between pages on the web.

Why Link Building Is Important?

Link building is important in many ways. Here, I’m presenting a few points that will describe its effectiveness to boost your website rank organically-

  • A good quality backlink will increase your website authority.
  • It will enhance your ranking among search results.
  • Further, it allows Google bots to navigate between web pages and index them.
  • It will, further, increase your brand awareness.

4 Methods You May Use to Build White-hat Links

Link-building is necessary to increase ranking among search results. But make sure you adopt only white-hat strategies to build your links. Here are 4 important methods that will help you to build white-hat links-

1. Citation: Citation is mentioning your site details like name, address, contact at the proper place on your website. It helps in improving your local search results. But make sure wherever you have mentioned your citation details, it must be consistent and clear.

2. Guest Post: Providing articles to the guest post sites having high PR and DA will automatically enhance your website performance. Your website will get a backlink from such high PR sites and ultimately, your site ranking increases.

3. Press release: Online press release is also another powerful link building method. For example, you may use this keyword “Submit press release” to find out such sites that may provide you with high domain authority.

4. High-Quality Directories: Try to list your website with high-quality directories. When you register for local directories for your restaurant, make sure these are of high DA. It will help your customers to find your restaurant easily.


Make sure you make a high-quality link for your restaurant website. If you don’t know much about the high-quality links, just remember only two things in such a case. First, put a link for real traffic website and secondly, the links must be related to your niche. Further, if you want to know the complete process of how you can qualify link, you can Check Our Backlink Post.

Use Schema Markup (Structured Data Markup)

Schema markup helps users to get more informed results about your business. It is also an important factor to improve search engine rankings. Using schema markups, the search engines are able to return more informative results to your potential customers.


For example, talking in the context of a restaurant,, let’s say a word New York cousin has appeared in my content. When I put the schema markup around this text, the search engine will show the result in a unique way to the users.

Similarly, you may put schema around your menu page. Remember, schema markup is helpful in optimizing your page in Google’s point of view, thus it will also reward you by diverting a good amount of traffic on your site.

restaurant schema markup

As is shown in the above image, I have searched “Restaurant Albany in New York”, I got the results of many restaurants along with their images.  Remember, this is just not an image, rather it adds an appealing touch on my mind.

This also creates the first impression on the site visitors.

Similarly, by using schema markup on your restaurant website, you may also add different kinds of a database to your website. For example, your dishes, your reviews, your website structure etc.

How To Use Social Media Sites To Grow More Customers?

Social media sites are the best way to gain high-quality traffic to your website. Since lots of people are using social media platforms to share their personal thoughts, you may definitely connect directly with your potential customers from here.

Let’s understand how to use social media sites to grow more customers-

1. Facebook Marketing for Restaurant

As you are already aware of how much traffic is there on Facebook. Whether we talk about a young person or an adult, everyone is using it. Using Facebook to promote your restaurants will give you an advantage of adding a personal touch for your potential customers. You may promote your products using Facebook Marketing in many ways.

  • First of all, create a business page for your restaurant on Facebook account. Add all the details and upload a profile picture of your brand. It should be attractive so that it may appeal your audience to come and explore your brand page.
  • Create effective posts related to your delicious recipes.
  • You may also run ads to promote your restaurant through Facebook advertising. It will help you in targeting those people who are outside your local areas.

2. Pinterest Marketing for Restaurant

Pinterest marketing is very helpful in diverting quality traffic on the website. It will help in capturing the interest of your target audience using attractive visual appeals. Pinterest traffic is the best way to attract quality leads to your website in an organic manner. Apart from Pinterest traffic, you may also use Pinterest Ads to reach out to more customers.

3. Instagram Marketing for Restaurant

Instagram has a large chunk of people from all over the world. Making your presence on Instagram will provide you lots of benefits. You may grow your restaurant branding by posting compelling pictures of your food course using proper hashtags. The image you are using should be in square or vertical dimensions. Another way you may use to increase your popularity among followers is to use Instagram ads. By creating compelling ads, you may target a large amount of traffic in your restaurant.

4. Youtube Marketing for Restaurant

One of the best ways to engage your website visitors is Youtube marketing. By posting quality videos on your YouTube channel, you may stick your audience on your site. It will then ultimately increase your popularity among viewers. Try to give a proper description of your bio and make short videos.

People love cooking new recipes every day. One of the perfect ways to grow engagement is to host a cooking show on YouTube. Host your own cooking show and let them learn new things every day. You may engage your viewers by providing them with videos of making new and delicious recipes. They will definitely want to join your channel.

One point you should always keep in mind that people are joining you on YouTube just because they want to know and learn something different that others can’t provide them with. So, don’t try to sell, try to give value to your viewers. This strategy works like a magnet to attract potential customers.


Autopilot Restaurant SEO

Struggling to grow your restaurant traffic? LiquiDo SEO services are the solution. Would you like to show the world how delicious you can serve? Step towards LiquidDo and let the customers explore your taste. If you want to do Restaurant SEO without any a headache, you may outsource SEO. We are providing the best SEO services to make your restaurant digitally strong.


How Do We Help You?

We understand you are busy in running your day-to-day business activities of feeding hungry people with your delicious pieces of stuff. You don’t need to compromise with your time to do SEO by yourself. To make your work easier and successful, we, at LiquiDo, provides the best SEO services to our clients. We help them in making visible to those who want to refresh their mood by having such a good taste from restaurants.

You explore your talent by cooking Mouth-watery recipes, we help you in engaging quality customers at your restaurants. Get expert SEO services for your restaurant website from our industry professionals. We help you with our following restaurant SSO services:

Complete Restaurant SEO:

Our SEO services involve all those processes which are required to make a website visible among top organic results. We provide everything that is best suitable for your restaurant website. Target your potential customers without losing them.

Restaurant Web Design:

Get a complete solution for designing a responsive website for your restaurant. Just being online is not enough until your website is not a responsive one. If your restaurant web Design lacks any element from the site, the chances are high that your site visitor may not come back again on your site. So to be on the safe side, we help our clients in providing a high-end restaurant web design that involves every important element which makes it responsive.

Restaurant Social Media Marketing:

So far you have learned that your most of the site visitors are surfing in the social media world. So wouldn’t you like to show them directly there how different you are from others? Get assistance from our social media marketing experts who help you in growing the quality traffic from the social world. Know what they think about you and how you can attract them to your restaurant from our restaurant social media marketing Services.

Why Choose Us?

Embracing the world with the power of digital marketing, our SEO services involves a complete solution to make restaurants worthy to grow their online presence. We have a team who has expertise in proven techniques of SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Add sparks to your restaurant by going digital from the efforts of our SEO agency which provides you with:

  • A trusted source- A trusted source on which you may rely without any doubt.
  • Quality SEO service- that gives your brand top ranking among organic results.
  • Guaranteed results- Without compromising with the quality of services.
  • Timely Delivery- Providing guaranteed results in an effective way on the committed time.
  • Result-oriented- No false promises. Only successful results that add sparks to your restaurant.

If you would like to avail all these services for your restaurant website, contact us now. We will help you in expanding your brand exposure in an effective manner. Make the first impression of your restaurant ever-lasting impression with our expert SEO agency.


Looking forward to serving you with our top-quality SEO services. Have a cup of coffee with LiquiDo!

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