Roofing SEO


Do you want to improve the ranking of your roofing business on search engines? Roofing SEO is the solution!

If you have a presence on digital platforms, SEO must be your priority to enhance your brand visibility organically. Many brands and businesses know the benefits they will get from that SEO work being implemented on their website.


Digital marketing influences the growth of thousands of companies that are moving into the online world. Similarly, many local businesses like roofers have also started adopting it to bring in new customers.

As our life has gradually begun to revolve around the internet, investing in the Roofing SEO is now becoming a necessity for all the Roofers. It is because it aims to bring valuable and quality customers for their business as Google and Bing drives a huge percentage of internet traffic to optimized websites only.


What Is Roofing SEO?

As the online market is growing gradually, the roofers want to rank their website at the top of Google’s search results for roofing search queries like “roofing companies”. But, there are lots of roofing companies in the market, so how will you ensure that your company will rank on the top in organic results? That’s what Roofing SEO do for you.

Thus, we can say that-

“Roofing SEO is such a process through which we optimize the roofing website and other factors related to it in such a manner that it ranks higher among the search engine result pages for the relevant queries.“


In other words, this process helps your brand to appear on the top by leaving back your competitors. Without proper SEO of your Roofing website, you can’t make your website visible at the right time when your potential customers are finding a roofing business by typing relevant search queries.

How SEO Helps You In Your Roofing Business?

The best inbound marketing strategy in online marketing is doing SEO. It allows your website to be visible on the top of organic results helping your potential customers find your business easily. Therefore, investing in a brilliant SEO service can really boost your roofing company’s rank.

Here are some of the important reasons that show how SEO helps you in your Roofing Business-

  • Extending brand awareness
  • Improving appearance on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Generating quality traffic to your website.
  • Growing customer base online.

Let’s understand the importance of Roofing SEO with an example. Assume yourself as a roofer in Los Angeles. You have created a website mentioning all the details of our roofing business. As you have created your online presence, it’s necessary to make it visible to your potential customers at the time when they actually need you.

Using best SEO techniques, you will get benefit by ranking number one in Google results organically. Your roofing website may rank for the relevant keywords like “roofer in Los Angeles” etc.

Importance of Roofing SEO

As you may see in the above image that when I’ve searched for a roofing business by typing “roofer in Los Angeles”, these three websites appear in front of me. This is because of the right Roofing SEO strategy.

Ranking higher in Google results will drive more people to your website, thereby, generating a good amount of sales. It is SEO that allows to raise you to raise your brand visibility for specific and relevant keywords.

How Can You Do Roofing SEO By Yourself?

Are you one of the roofers who wants to grow roofing business online? Roofing SEO is helpful in making your dreams come true. Now, in the following sections, we are presenting the step-by-step SEO guide that allows you to make your website optimized and search engine friendly. Hence, you may also do SEO of your roofing website by yourself without any difficulty. Take a look and employ these strategies in your business and grow your business in the online world more efficiently-

1. Set Your Goal

The very first step in doing SEO is to set up a goal for your roofing business. Without a definite goal, every step that you take is just a wastage of your valuable efforts. So, decide carefully what is the goal of your business.


While setting up the goal for SEO, you need to decide about the size of your roofing business, i.e., to how much extent you want to expand your online visibility.

For example, the goal may be to target the entire local market or you can expand your roofing business to multiple cities.


Think carefully keeping all the aspects in your mind and then decide your goal. You should decide your goal after keeping in mind of your target customers’ demographic, i.e., your target customers should be those who can pay for your services. Thus, their level of income also plays important role in deciding target market.

If you don’t give due attention to this fact, your site will get only poor traffic that ultimately increases the bounce rate for your website.

2. Defining Keywords

Framing SEO strategy without defining the right keywords doesn’t prove to be successful. Keywords are vital for making your visibility on the top among organic search results. Let’s understand first what does keyword mean in roofing SEO.

“Keywords are the search terms or queries that your potential customers use to find out the business like yours. These keywords help them in getting the required solution to their problems.”


Similarly, when we talk about roofing business, all those phrases that are used to find roofing businesses or roofers by their potential customers are known as keywords for roofing businesses. For example, “roofers in Los Angeles”, “roofing companies in Albany”, “roof repair Atlanta”, etc.

Roofing Keyword

How To Decide The Right Keyword For Roofing Business?

Your business strategy along with your target market plays an important role in deciding what are the right keywords for your business. Think of your target market, i.e., whether you are going to focus on local markets or a larger market. Furthermore, think of your audience, i.e., whether you are going to focus on the customers of a specific level of income or you want to target all.

When you know the above requirements, the keyword research work will be easier for you and you may step to the next level.  

To know the right keywords for your roofing business, we will suggest you use the Google Keyword Planner Tool. It allows you to identify and analyze lots of keyword ideas that can be the right keywords for your roofing business. Let’s get into more detail about Google Keyword Planner Tool-


Google Keyword Planner

Google has given us the facility to discover and analyze lots of keyword ideas using its tool, i.e., Google Keyword Planner. It allows you to do keyword research and selecting the right terms for your business. In this way, the right keywords can get your roofing business in front of the right customers. It helps you in-

Google Adword Keyword Planner for Roofing


Discovering new keywords- You can use it to search for words or phrases that are related to your services or products. It helps you find those keywords that are most relevant for your business.

Researching keywords- This keyword research tool also provides you with insight into how often certain words are searched by your potential customers. Moreover, it will also show how those searches have changed over time. In this way, you can easily narrow your keyword list down to the ones you really want.

Important Tips While Selecting The Right Keywords

Using this tool, you will find keywords that are regularly searched for in your industry. But there is something more which you need to consider properly.

  • You have to figure out how competitive those keywords are for your roofing business.
  • Check whether you can actually rank for them or not.
  • Research your competitor’s keywords.

3. Optimization Of Roofing Website

One common desire that each service providers have that they want repeat customers. They want their customers to let them serve again and again for their needs. And, same is the case with the Roofers. If you are a roofer or a roofing company, you have to understand that you can win your customers’ trust only when they find something valuable from you.

Since you are running a website of your roofing business where your customers can land to gain information about your business and can contact you, you need to ensure that your website is well-optimized. Until your website is not optimized, you can’t rank your website and can’t achieve your aim to get more conversions. Your customers don’t visit again to your website or even they can’t find your business while searching on Google until you don’t take a step to make your website user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Here are some important points that you must focus on while optimizing your roofing website-

Design A Legitimate Website-

Appearance matters a lot to attract customers. A customer will never stick on your website until it gives him a good feel. Make sure your website is not like a shoddy. Design its appearance that compels your customers to explore your roofing service.

Ensure the legitimacy and quality of your current website for your potential customers. This will reduce the bounce rate of your roofing website and helping it to rank high among organic search results.

Make Your Contact Details Visible From Home Page

Make sure your potential customer will not find it difficult to get contact details of your business. Place it where they can easily see it to get in touch with you.

If they find it difficult to get your contact details, they will leave your site and will never come back. This ultimately increases your bounce rate and thereby resulting in lowering down your rank among organic search results.

Make Visible A Call-To-Action Button

Adding a compelling call-to-action button on your website will increase the chance of enhancing conversions. You may add call-to-action buttons like “Get a free estimate”, Get a quote today”, “Call us now”, “Meet our expert roofers”, “Get free consultation”, and so on.

It helps your customers to understand what actions they should take next on your website. Further, one more important point that you must consider is to make sure whatever Call-to-action button you are placing on your website, it must be clearly visible to your potential customers. And, when your potential customers start responding such call-to-actions, you may say that the ball is in your court.

These call-to-action buttons add a professional touch to your roofing website making your business seem more valuable to your customers. Thus, it allows you getting face time with your customers so that you can serve them well.

Present Your Previous And Upcoming Roofing Projects

An important way to win your customers’ trust is to show them your previous work. It allows them to decide how professional you are regarding your work. Include photos and videos of your previous work that give your customer a detailed perspective while taking the decision.

While including photos and videos of your work done, ensure these are of high-quality standard. A bad-quality or cropped images will definitely leave a bad impression upon your viewers.

Put Reviews From Your Happy Clients

People tend to believe on reviews that describe how well you have served before. Putting reviews on your website can do a lot to improve your conversions. When your potential customer read your happy clients review, they will feel comfortable in handling their problems to you to make them resolved.

You may also include the ratings that you gained for your roofing business on various listing sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellowpages etc. This allows your potential customers who directly visit your website to understand the past experiences of your customers.

Make It Secure

Ensure that your roofing website is secure. Your site visitors will love it when they find their data is actually safe from prying eyes. To make your website secure from security threats, you have to enable SSL certificate.

When you are collecting payments online or accepting email addresses from your site visitors, you have to give them assurance that, Yes… their data is secure with you. This will help in building a trust which is everlasting.


Increase Your Website Speed

Reduce the loading time of your web pages. A delay of one second can result in great loss for your roofing business. It will be irritating for your customers to wait more than the required time to find solutions for their problems. So, give attention to your website speed.

You can check your website speed performance with the help of Page Speed Insight. It analyzes the content of your web pages. Further, it provides suggestions to make that particular web page faster.

Pagespeed Insight Tool

Remove HTTP Error

Make sure your site has no HTTP error status. To optimize your website, you have to understand the status codes of HTTP that have a huge impact on SEO.

HTTP codes like 404 or 301 can ruin your customers’ relationship. So, ensure the HTTP status is Good for your website.

4. On-Page SEO For Roofers

When it comes to rank high on Google results for the keywords you want to show up for, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role. You can’t make a run for the top organic keywords and on the map spots until you optimize your online presence in an efficient way. To make you understand all about On-Page SEO, we present the following useful information. By applying the below-mentioned On-Page SEO strategy, your website will surely rank high.


Although using keywords on each page of your website is necessary, yet stuffing them irrelevantly is not a good idea. Targeting the keywords irrelevantly will no doubt decrease your ranking among organic results. On the other hand, using keywords relevantly will definitely improve your SEO score. Check out some few points that help you in understanding how to use keywords on your web pages in a relevant manner-

  • Select keywords that come under your niche.
  • Research your competitors’ keyword strategy
  • Only 1% or 2% keyword density is enough.
  • Use keywords only wherever necessary. You may use their synonyms too.
  • You may use keywords within your content, title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags of images. But keep in mind that don’t over-optimize your content with keywords.


b.) Optimize Your Roofing Title Tags

The title tag is the most important SEO factor of each web page. It is what the Google searchers see before they click to a particular site in search results. Moreover, it also describes to the Google bots what the web page content is all about.

Always remember that each web page of your website must have title tags that consist of a relevant keyword.

For example, if you have roofing company in Albany, your title tag can be like this: “Roofing Contractor & Roof Repairs | Albany NY”

Don’t use your keyword as well as your city in your title tag more than once.

If you are optimizing title tag for your home page, make use of your brand name like this: “Brand Name Commercial Roofing Services”


Using these tricks while optimizing title tags for your web pages work well.

c.) Include Meta Descriptions

The meta description is also an important SEO factor that helps Google bots in deciding your SEO score on the search engine. It is what that shows below the title tag in the search results of Google. If you don’t fill out this field, Google will automatically fill it. But that’s not a good idea.

You may say it the biggest conversion factor that allows searchers to have a quick overview of your business in search results. If your meta description is well-optimized, no doubt it can bring in more site visitors and helps in enhancing the click-through rate (CTR) of your website.

  • Use your main keywords into your meta description.
  • If possible, use numbers that catch the eyes of your potential customers.
  • Tell them a benefit they will get from your roofing business.

Here is an example of Meta Description of Star Roofing & Restoration Company-

Meta Description for Roofing

d.) Optimize The Site Navigation

Would you like to make it more challenging for your site visitors to explore your business specialties? Obviously, you won’t. The best idea to cope up with such a problem is to make your roofing website easier for people to navigate. Not only for your site visitors but also for Google Bots to crawl your site and index all your pages properly.

Here are some of the few tips that help you in optimizing your site navigation-

  • Ensure that you have a simple navigation menu.
  • Remove all broken links from your site
  • Resolve 404 errors from your website, if any.
  • Create a well-structured internal linking strategy.

Roofing Website Navigation Menu

The above image is of Star Roofing Company’s website that shows clearly how detailed yet simple the navigation menu is. Similarly, they have also given a detailed view of navigation in the gallery tab like this:

e.) Use Schema Markup

Using Schema Markup is another the best strategy to present your webpage in a different and well-optimized way. Schema Markup shows more detailed information regarding your business.

It allows you to include ratings, opening hours, location, mobile phone number. This information is necessary to optimize the click-through rate of your website.

Visit site to get more and accurate details about using schema markup on your roofing website.


f.)  Use Alt Text

Alt text stands for Alternative text. It describes what the image is all about. While including images on your website, don’t forget to give alt texts to each of the images. It allows Google bots to understand what the image is. As alt text acts as an important ranking factor, make sure you have mentioned it for each image on your roofing website. Try to make it keyword rich that increase the chance of getting high rank for different phrases.


g.) Optimize Content Structure

An optimized content structure serves as the foundation of your roofing company’s online presence.

An effective content structure aims to enhance the user experience. And, obviously, Google rewards those websites that cater to the user’s needs.

6 Important points to be considered-

  1. Use heading tags like H1, H2, H3, and so on properly.
  2. Write short paragraphs.
  3. Try to use bullet points.
  4. Add keywords relevantly. Don’t over-optimize with keywords.
  5. Use unique content on your website.
  6. Give keyword-rich anchor texts wherever needed.
  7. Create shareable content.

h.) Optimize Website Structure

The website structure depends on the type of services you offer to your customers. Implementing the right content structure on your website can facilitate Google Bots to crawl and index your website which in turn leads to an increase the search visibility.

And, obviously, the better and optimized is your website structure, the more is the chance of higher ranking in the search engines.

When a person finds a site having a great site structure, they actually, don’t bounce. Rather, they stay longer. Thus, an accurate site structure helps in reducing the bounce rate and improving the dwell time.

Here are some of the few tips that describe you how to optimize your site structure-

  • Don’t complicate your website structure. Rather, make it simple and easy to understand.
  • Create a URL structure that shows the hierarchy of your website. For example-


  • Site navigation should preferably be in HTML or CSS.
  • List your main navigations in the header.
  • A comprehensive internal linking structure works best.

i.) Make It Mobile- Friendly

Having a website which is mobile-friendly will help you to rank high. Because Google wants to provide its users a better experience and also its users are mostly using their mobiles to surf online, therefore, it wants from all the site owners to make their site mobile-friendly.

5 Benefits of having a mobile-friendly and responsive website-

  1. Enhance the user experience of your site visitors.
  2. Increase their average time on your site.
  3. A mobile optimized website has fast loading speed.
  4. Serves benefits of mobile SEO.
  5. It is cost-effective and also provides a competitive advantage.

When we consider your roofing business, having a mobile-friendly website is most important. It is because your potential customers will look for their phones first to find out roofing services near their area. And, if you fail to make your site mobile-responsive, you will lose your business.


5. Off-Page SEO For Roofers

Off-Page SEO, sometimes also called off-site SEO, comprises all those actions that are taken outside of your website to increase your rankings within search engine results organically. It allows you to improve your site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

Check out the following best Off-page SEO practices that increase your site ranking among organic results-

a.) Link Building

When it comes to link building, you may it is the heart of Off-site SEO. When you build links from high-quality and relevant sites, it improves your Domain authority.

Although backlinks are important for your website, bad or irrelevant links can damage your site authority. So, give due attention to creating backlinks. Thus, getting backlinks from the High Authority Niche Site is more beneficial than getting backlinks from a local or newly created website. Because the website authority matters a lot.

Google uses the signals of relevancy, quality, and the number of links to provide your site with the SEO score. So, without wasting time, just start building quality links, citations, and mentions of your site to develop the authority you need to rank.

b.) Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the best way to earn quality links and drive traffic to your site. Outreach the major guest posting sites that attract a good amount of site visitors to post your content with a link back to your website. Providing these sites good quality guest posts can engage their site visitors with yours.

c.) Directory Submissions

Directory submissions impact the SEO performance as it provides the backlinks to your website. Listing on some directories having high domain authority allows your site to rank high on Google Search Engine Result Pages. These directories include Roofing_Directory, Yellow Pages, Yelp etc.
Using these directories, you may cite your company name, address, phone number and a link back to your website. Some web directories also allow you to submit pictures, videos, service descriptions for your roofing business.

d.) Social Media Profile Links

Creating a presence on Social Media allows you to connect your audience directly. By connecting with your fans, you can share the valuable content to which they can relate with. Moreover, this also helps in increasing the chance of people linking to you.

Facebook SEO For Roofers

Roofing business is more often a local business. Thus creating social links using Facebook provides them with a great advantage. Facebook allows you to target the users having the specific demographics.

Since Facebook is crowded with billions of people, by using your brand page on Facebook allows you to bring visitors to the website more efficiently. You may educate your potential customers and can educate them about your best roofing services.

Instagram SEO For Roofers

Instagram SEO is also another platform where you can drive traffic to your website by sharing appealing images and videos of your roofing work. Don’t forget to give a link of your roofing website in your bio and switching your Instagram account as a business account.


YouTube SEO For Roofers

Providing videos on your roofing projects or testimonials from your happy clients bring more traffic to your website. You can use video tutorials to teach people to fix their common roofing problems.
YouTube also allows you to insert a link in your video description that redirects your viewers to your website. When people find your YouTube video engaging, they will likely to visit your website using the given link.

Local SEO For Roofers

Mostly your potential customers will search for the roofers who belongs to their location. Thus, to reach your local customers efficiently at the time when they need for your roofing services, Local SEO is critical. You must approach them and show the physical presence of your roofing services. As a roofer, through Local SEO of your roofing website, you will be able to reach your customers within driving distance.

Here are some fruitful strategies that you can employ to do local SEO for your roofing business-

List Your Roofing Business On Google My Business

If you are expanding your reach to the local customers, listing your roofing business on Google My business is like a boon. It allows your roofing business to appear on Google Maps and the Google My Business listings among local search results organically.

This helps you in increasing the local traffic on your website and converting them as your loyal customers. Doing it in the right way can lead to rank in Google maps for important search queries like “roofing company + your city“.

  • Visit to signup and claim your listing on Google My Business.
  • Provide the accurate company name, address, and phone and submit for verification.
  • Select the category that defines your business’s niche.
  • Verify your Google My Business account through Postcard by mail.
  • After this, Google sends you a postcard within 5-6 days consisting of a verification code for your account. Enter it on your Google my business account to complete your registration process.
  • Add pictures and videos to your Google My Business listing.
  • Include call-to-actions like “Call Now” button.
  • Provide ratings and reviews on your Google My Business listing.

Add Your Roofing Business To Other Local Listings Directories

Registering on local business listing sites is also the best way to present your local business to the potential customers. By registering your roofing business to these local roofing business directories, you can increase your brand awareness among the right leads. This ultimately improves your citation which is a sign of positive ranking on search engine result pages.

Find out the best local business listing directories that are related to your industry. For example, you may register your roofing business on the directories like Owens Corning and Angie’s List.

Roofing SEO Without a Headache

Doing SEO is not an easy task. One must be professional in it. You don’t need to be worried about it because LiquidDo is here to help you out. If you want to do SEO of your roofing website without any a headache, call our Roofing SEO experts. Our best Roofing SEO strategy helps you in expanding your roofing business by ranking high your website among organic search results.

Our Ranking Strategy for Roofing SEO

So far you have studied how you can do SEO for your roofing website by yourself. We have covered each aspect that is necessary to increase the rank of your website on search engine. Let’s understand how we employ the Roofing SEO strategy to make our client’s online presence strong so that their brand can rank high in Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

Audit Your Roofing Website

First of all, we try to analyze the current status of your Roofing website. We analyze the website completely which help us in identifying how much search engine friendly as well as user-friendly your roofing website is.

Our auditing process includes user experience audit, content audit, technical Roofing SEO audit, keywords audit, and competition audit.

In this way, we will get to know accurately where and to how much extent your website is lacking to perform better in search engine results.

Setting Up a Profitable Keyword

As you know how much importance does a keyword has for the particular business to rank on the top organically. But, not all the keywords are right for your business. To attract the quality leads and better conversion rates, you have to target only those keywords that your potential customers are actually using to find the business like yours.

Keeping this fact in mind, we, with the help of our professional SEO team, research in-depth what would be the right and profitable keywords for your roofing business. We analyze each and every aspect related to the competition, volume, and amount of conversions they can drive for your roofing business.

After considering all the aspects, we finally decide and set up the profitable keywords that help you in reaching to your quality customers for your roofing business.

Optimizing Design Of Your Roofing website

The next step to proceed with is to frame a strategy of how best we can optimize the design of your roofing website. An optimized design serves as fuel to the SEO engine.

To better understand this, think of you as a customer who is in need of roofing service and is exploring some websites online. If you land on a particular website and find it difficult to get details about their roofing services, you’ll definitely don’t want to visit that website again.

That’s why we give proper attention to this aspect. We understand that optimized website design is necessary for better conversion rate. You may say it a sensible business move.

Therefore, we make a responsive and high-end website design for roofers having a user-friendly interface.

Content Optimization

We present your brand in front of your potential customers in an effective way than your competitors. Your potential customers are visiting your site in the hope of finding the best solutions for their damaged or cracked roofs.

If they are not able to relate their problems to the content on your website, they will never bother to contact you for your roofing services.

Therefore, we, at LiquidDo, research and analyze what content should be the best for your website to attract and compel your potential customers to make a call to your roofing company to get your services. We ensure the content is optimized having a proper density of keywords and the best structure.

On Page Optimization

Our next step in Roofing SEO involves doing On-Page SEO for your roofing website. In this way, by making your website optimized, we ensure that its site visibility gets enhanced. We employ all those On-page SEO techniques that are required to improve site ranking of your business organically on search engines.

Our Roofing On-Page SEO strategy includes optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, image and content optimization, better internal linking structure and keyword density, including alt tags, checking HTTP errors, using schema markup, enhancing user experience and many more.

White hat Link Building Strategy to Rank Fast Your Roofing site

We all know that Google Algorithms has undergone tremendous changes and still are updating new things regularly. Hence, now the latest Google algorithms consider low quality and spam links as a wastage.

Therefore, we create backlinks to provide a high website authority to your business in the online market. It presents that your content that you have put on your site is well-optimized and relevant that the visitors of other sites may also get benefited from it.

Through our White Hat Link Building techniques, Google algorithms consider the links of our client’s website worthy, unique, high quality, and come from the relevant sites only.


Some of our best white hat link building strategies are as follows that work really well to provide a better rank in search results-

  • Guest posting on blogging sites that are relevant to your niche and having a high website authority.
  • Listing on directories with high domain authority that belong to your niche.
  • Turning mentions of your brand into quality backlinks.
  • Finding the quality backlink opportunity from your competitors.
  • Using social bookmarking sites efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to compete efficiently and also in an effective manner within your local industry, you must ensure that your business is visible whenever your ideal customers search for a roofer in your area. By employing the right SEO techniques, you can do achieve this target. That is why investment in a quality SEO strategy is important for a strong online presence of your roofing business.
We, at LiquidDo, practice white hat SEO techniques that provide long-lasting SEO results to your roofing business. We ensure that you get the value for your money. Here is why we stand out of crowd-

  • Experts In Roofing SEO- Being the best SEO agency, LiquidDo has a team of experts that deliver excellent rankings to your roofing business.
  • We provide value to your business- Using our best SEO process, we ensure higher visibility of your website that, in turn, provides value to your business.
  • A trusted source- Our SEO services are reliable and guaranteed. You may rely on us without any doubt.


If you would like to avail quality Roofing SEO services for your roofing business, contact us now. We will assist you in an efficient way to raise your brand awareness by improving your search rankings organically. Let your customers find your website first, rather than your competitors with our expert SEO services.