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Make Your Website Healthy Using LiquidDo SEO Audit Services

Want to know whether your website is performing well or not? Do it now. Discover everything related to your website’s health, i.e., why is your website performance lacking in search engine organic rankings and how you can rectify it. Presenting a creditworthy solution for your in-depth website analysis, we offer SEO Audit Services as well as technical SEO audit services for our clients to boost up their website’s rank among organic search results on the search engine result page. Know about your website SEO health at affordable rates from our SEO audit services. Get the full report of your website’s health along with valuable suggestions regarding how to improve your organic rankings from our SEO audit professionals.

What is SEO Audit?

Before getting into deep about what is SEO Audit, you must understand the fact that healthy websites lead to more traffic which in turn generate more sales. How will you get to know whether your website is healthy or not? How will you identify the technical errors in your website that are responsible for low performance on organic search engine results? Moreover, how will you rectify those technical errors that are responsible for low website performance?

In order to resolve the above issues, the process of SEO Audit came into existence. Thus, SEO audit is the process wherein SEO professionals try to identify and analyze those issues that are responsible for low website performance. With the help of SEO audit report, you can get a detailed view regarding the health of your website.

Type Of SEO Audit

Local SEO Audit

If you want to rank your website on the top among local search market, obviously, you will apply Local SEO marketing strategies in your business. But what will you do if you didn’t achieve this goal? How will you track errors? A local SEO audit is a way to get out of it.
Using the local SEO Audit, you will easily understand why is your website not performing well in the Local Search Market. You can easily identify and analyze those issues that are preventing your website to rank high among organic search results.

E-commerce SEO Audit

Struggling from getting conversions from your sales funnel? Don’t you know at what stage your leads are taking their steps back from your sales funnel process? Are your product pages not performing well? Well… there can be many reasons for these issues. Introducing E-commerce SEO Audit at LiquidDo, that assist you in exploring your sales funnel and its process. You can easily get to know why is your eCommerce store lacking in converting your target leads through an E-commerce SEO Audit Report.

Technical SEO Audit

I am pretty sure you are also one of them who wants to know how your website is performing against your competitors. You definitely want to analyze what your competitors are doing to grow their online presence. All you can do with the help of competition SEO audit that allows you to analyze in-depth competition so that you can frame proper SEO strategies to succeed online.

If you know what your competitors are doing, you will get an idea of what you have to do next to level up your ranking. All thanks to the Competition SEO Audit.

Content SEO Audit

Creating beautiful and quality content doesn’t matter until it has all its relevancy. Google wants to know what your content is all about, what is the purpose of your content on the web, who is your target audience, etc. Let’s understand it with an example-

Suppose, you have a dental website. It obviously denotes that you want to attract and target those potential customers who are in need of dental treatment. What if you have put the content related to heart disease and remedies, fitness or yoga, or any other such content which is related to the health industry but doesn’t include your niche? Is it correct? Obviously not. Ask yourself.

You must analyze the relevancy issues of your content, whether proper keyword targetting is done or not. This is what Content SEO Audit does for you. Need SEO Audit services? Get in touch with LiquidDo.

Keyword SEO Audit

In order to target the right potential customers for your business, you must understand what they are typing in the search bar of Google. How they are finding the business like yours on search engines? Keyword SEO audit report helps you make understand the search intent of your target market. You can understand what are the right keywords on which you should focus on to attract your target customers.

Competition SEO Audit

I am pretty sure you are also one of them who wants to know how your website is performing against your competitors. You definitely want to analyze what your competitors are doing to grow their online presence. All you can do with the help of competition SEO audit that allows you to analyze in-depth competition so that you can frame proper SEO strategies to succeed online.

If you know what your competitors are doing, you will get an idea of what you have to do next to level up your ranking. All thanks to the Competition SEO Audit.

Backlink SEO Audit

A well and high-quality backlink can do a lot to improve your website performance. No doubt your Backlink Profile should be clean and diversified so that uniqueness can be maintained. You may get the full outline of your backlink profile from our Backlink Audit services that assist you in analyzing backlink issues more clearly.

Website Architecture Audit

The website architecture audit allows you to discover any kind of issues on your website that prevents your site visitors to understand what the content and website is all about. You can easily identify the readability of your website with the help of Website Architecture Audit. Furthermore, this report will show you the ways you can follow in order to improve your website structure in a proper manner. Get assistance from our technical SEO audit experts at LiquidDo.

When You Need SEO Audit?

Does your site need an SEO Audit? To find out the answer to this question is vital. You must know what is the right time to do an SEO audit. Here are the warning signals that will indicate when should you go for an SEO Audit-

When there is a new update in the Google Algorithm-

Keep an eye on Google’s latest algorithms. Your website should perform as per the latest norms of Google Algorithms. If it is not so, your website will lose its rankings. Therefore, whenever there is an update announced by Google, go for an SEO Audit to identify the major issues in your website.

When you experience a low amount of traffic than ever before-

No business wants to lose its target customer. Each one is putting his efforts to increase the amount of website traffic, sales, and revenue. What if your website traffic starts declining, suddenly? Obviously, you will get worried. Get ready, because it’s the time for doing SEO audit so that you can find out the reason and rectify it on time.

When your site visitors are not engaging with your website content-

You have put all your efforts into creating quality content. But your site visitors didn’t find it engaging. How will you get to know where your content is lacking from? Here, SEO audit report will help you identify the reasons.

Have backlinks, still struggling for top ranking?

It may be possible that you have created lots of backlinks for your site. But still, you are struggling for the high rankings. It may be because of no follow links. Get the link audit report and find out the errors.

Why Do You Need SEO Audit Services

It is obvious you want to cut out the massive competition from the online market and reach the next level to boost up your business growth. For this, you have to ensure your website is error free. Moreover, you have to make sure that due to any of the reason your website performance and rankings are not going down. For this, you have to analyze regularly your website performance to optimize it. That’s why you have to get SEO Audit services. Our services will assist you in many ways. Get the assistance of On-site SEO audit as well as Off-site SEO audit from our expert industry professionals.

LiquidDo SEO Audit Services Process:

Need the best SEO Audit Services? Visit at LiquidDo and get assistance from our SEO audit experts. Here, we are mentioning how we proceed further with our Audit Services for our clients-

Type of Business Audit

First of all, we perform SEO Audit by identifying the type of your business and the niche of your business. It is very important to know the target market. Sometimes, your website may have unnecessary content too that is preventing your site visitors to engage with your site. Thus, a correct SEO audit report explains what is your right target market so that you can make your business strategies accordingly.

Keywords Audit

Under this SEO audit process, we analyze your current keyword strategy. Furthermore, we also find out what can be the new target keyword for your business. Not only this but also we categorize the keyword based on the search intent.

Audit Your competitors

Now, it’s time to research and analyze the competition in the online market. After auditing of the keywords of your website, we proceed with analyzing the competition for each keyword. Finding out your competitors’ week point can be beneficial for you to grab the market opportunity. In this way, your website will get more strong and better than that of your competitors.

Content Audit

Further, we proceed with the audit your website content. This Content Audit lets us analyze the irrelevant and poor content on your website. This step is crucial because you don’t want to provide your site visitor a bad user experience.

The best thing you must know about Our Audit Services is that we also fix your website problems, if any, during the Content Audit. We remove that content from your website which is irrelevant and poor. You will get the high-quality, unique and relevant content from our expert and professional content writers who are engaged in providing perfect content for which your target customers are looking on the web.

Technical SEO Audit

Mere creating an online presence is not enough until you haven’t made it error free. The point to be noted here is that If you have a technically optimized SEO website, your website will definitely rank on the search engine.

Under this process, we perform a technical SEO audit on your website that assists in finding the technical issue, if any. Furthermore, we will also fix those issues in a proper manner. We use the best premium tools to perform technical auditing of your website.

Website Architecture Audit

A good website architecture increases your website authority. This implies that you can rank on google with fewer backlinks. Under this process, we will audit your current website architecture and if we found any issue regarding your website architecture, we will fix it without any extra charges. Furthermore, we will also set up the Schema Markup and add the Data structure of your website so that Google will Index your website in a proper manner in Search Engine.

Backlink Audit

This is most important for your website’s health because any bad or spam backlink will make your rankings low on organic search results. That’s why we spend a lot of time auditing your backlink profile. In case we find any bad backlink, we detox your backlink profile. We also let our clients know what can be the good backlink strategy in order to boost their website’s rank on google.

Make Your site Risk-Free With Our Complete SEO Audit Service

Get a complete audit for your website and make it risk-free from several unknown flaws through our SEO experts at LiquidDo. Get the best SEO service that helps you rank better in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our Services are streamlined to serve you better in your online business needs that lead to optimized conversion rates and earn more value to your business for a longer time duration.

If you want to see quick results of your Google search rankings exponentially, contact us today. We analyze your site performance and fix all the technical errors that prevent you to rank high among organic search results. After a complete audit of your website, we will also provide you with a roadmap that helps you in better SEO of your website and increase your business revenue.