Shopify SEO: A Complete Guide

Shopify SEO


In this competitive world, an online store must do a lot in order to push its ranking up in search results. A major challenge these days is to get people on the store. It is because of the large number of e-commerce store are available these days. Therefore, chances are high that your site may go out of their eyes on the search results.

Hello everyone, today I’m here to fill out your basket with lots of strategies that help you in dealing with Shopify SEO.

Shopify; An E-Commerce Platform

Before walk in through Shopify SEO, let’s understand what does Shopify do.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to start, grow, and manage your own e-commerce store.  Shopify lets you do many things for your online store like-

  • You may create and customize your online store.
  • Further, it allows you to sell in multiple places like web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.
  • You may easily manage your products, inventory, payments, and shipping.

Shopify SEO Infographic

What Is Shopify SEO?

Having a Shopify store without doing its SEO is just like you can’t eat anything even if everything is in front of you. It means that you can’t grow your online store at Shopify without performing Shopify SEO for your e-commerce store. So, what does Shopify SEO mean, and how it is helpful it is in growing your business online? Let’s make it clear.

“Shopify SEO refers to the process of employing SEO techniques which helps in boosting the rank of product pages of your e-commerce store created on the Shopify platform.”

One important fact on which I would like all of you to pay attention to is-

No matter whatever e-commerce platform it is, it must be showered by SEO strategies to grow.

Top Reasons For Employing Shopify SEO In E-commerce Business

Needless to mention how tough the competition is these days. Whether we talk about the online world or the offline world, you will find your competitors everywhere.

But most of the retailers are going online these days establishing their own Shopify e-commerce store. Why? Because they want to expand their market without being present physically in every place. Through Shopify, they are able to manage their customers for their online store and grow their revenue.

But, having a Shopify E-commerce Store is not enough, you have to shower it with some Shopify SEO techniques. Allowing Shopify SEO in your online store will give you a chance to present your online retail store in a more better way.

For example, your product is Yoga Mat and you want to gain free traffic or organic traffic for this product. Your customer is also searching for Yoga Mat. Since many competitors are there in the online market to sell their Yoga Mats, so how will your Yoga Mat appears high in the organic results on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo?

Yes, you guessed it right!

By performing Shopify SEO, you may gain this traffic to your site and grow organic sales.

Apart from that, here are top 5 reasons why you must employ Shopify SEO in your e-commerce business-

1- To Make Your Site Visible To The Target Customers

When you are running a Shopify store, obviously, you would like to attract those web surfer who may be your potential customers. It’s an obvious fact that you want to bring them down into your sales funnel.

But whoever is surfing its web, may not be your target customer. So, how would you make your Shopify store available to your right customers? Shopify SEO can do it for you. By doing proper SEO of your Shopify store, your site will be visible to your target customers whenever they are looking for particular products like yours.


2- SEO Creates Traffic

Through your Shopify store, you may create a huge amount of sales, but through Shopify SEO, you may create traffic that results in generating sales. It’s just like if you take good care of roots, the plant will itself get nurtured.

Similarly, when you optimize your online store with actionable SEO strategies, your Shopify E-commerce Store will rock! Because then your e-commerce store will get well-organized and search engine friendly. Further, it also makes your store worthy to get top ranking among organic search results. So, take care of your customers by enhancing their user experience, they will never leave your store.


3- To Make Your Site Visible At The Right Time

Let your customers find you when they are finding your business. Presenting yourself when they are not looking for you is just a wastage of your valuable efforts. Use SEO strategies, target right customers, engage them in your online retail store, and grow your revenue.

Employing good SEO strategies allows your customer to find your store without any difficulty. So, it’s up to you whether you want to present your offerings to them at the right time or want to lose a great opportunity. If you don’t want to lose such a great opportunity, then move ahead with powerful SEO strategies in your Shopify store.


4- To Optimize Your E-commerce Store

When a guest enters your home, you greet him with your good wishes. You always take care of their happiness till the time they are at your home. Similarly, you have to do with your site visitors. They are just like your online guest who visit your site in order to get something valuable from your online store.

Thus, you have to make sure that your online store is well optimized. Each of the element on your online store should be well-structured and easily navigable. In this way, whoever visits your online store will have a good experience. When he finds everything without wasting his precious time, he will become a happy customer for your business. That’s what Shopify SEO does for you!


5- To Grow Your Bottom Line

Needless to say that you have established your business to make out profits from it. And, obviously, you are putting your efforts too. By getting your retail store online using Shopify will make you able to cover a larger market. But that’s not enough! Something more is required.

When you blend Shopify SEO strategies into your extra efforts, it will add sparks to your online retail store. It is because of your ability to present your business in front of your target customers as and when they want. Ultimately, Shopify SEO helps you in growing your bottom line.


Shopify SEO Strategy

So, now you know what does Shopify SEO means. It’s time to learn how will you perform it for your e-commerce business. Though it’s not an easy task, you may be perfect if you focus on every aspect that I’m going to tell you.

As the name suggests, a strategy is the course of plan or actions that defines how to proceed in order to accomplish a goal. Similarly, we are going to learn all those courses of plans or actions that you need to perform for your Shopify e-commerce store. This will boost your rank and generate a huge amount of revenue.

Let’s dive into deep to learn Shopify SEO Strategy-

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital before moving further while doing Shopify SEO. You may say it as a foundation or base on which the whole SEO strategy depends. You have to analyze all those keywords that that comes under your niche and most importantly what keywords your potential customers are using to find the products like yours. With thorough research on keywords, you will be able to target your well your customers.

So, what does the keyword mean and what are the different types of keywords that you may use for your Shopify SEO? Most importantly, how will you find them? You’ll learn all these in below sections-


What Is Keyword?

Keywords are the search terms that a person uses to find out solutions for his queries while surfing on search engines. They can type queries to buy a product or to get details about a particular product, etc. When we talk in terms of SEO, these keywords help people to find your site via search engines.

Since you are targeting keywords for your e-commerce business, you must include all those keywords that your ideal customer can use to find your products or service.

For example, if your potential customer wants to purchase makeup products, the keywords maybe like this-what is eCommerce keyword

You have to carefully analyze how your customers are finding the products like yours. Then only you can target them for your Shopify SEO.

Type Of Keywords For Shopify SEO

Basically, there are three types of keywords that you may use in your e-commerce website to target your customers. Let’s understand all these different types of keywords one-by-one-

1- Product Based Keyword

Product based keywords are those keywords that customers use to explore to buy.

Thus, when customers directly search for particular products by its name, these keywords are termed as Product Based Keyword. For example, hair dryers, t-shirts, makeup brush, Lakme eyeconic Kajal etc.


Product Based Keywords

2- Informative Keyword

As the name suggests, all those keywords that your potential customers are using to find out some information regarding a particular product, are called informative keywords. For example, top brands of watches, how to use makeup brushes, how to make nail art, etc. Generally, bloggers target these keywords through their blog posts. Through informative keywords, they try to pitch their products. Ultimately, this helps in generating indirect sales.

informative keywords

3- Review Keywords

These keywords are such that customers use to find out the best one among many products. Using these keywords, they carefully analyze products and then move ahead to purchase them. The best examples for review keywords are best hair dryers, best nail polish, best makeup brush etc.

Review keywords

How To Find Right Keywords For E-commerce Business?

Here are the best ways that you may use to find out the right keywords for your e-commerce business-

1- Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best way to identify the target keywords for your Shopify store. It allows you to gain a complete insight related to all those keywords that are related to your niche. It allows you to get keyword ideas, their search volume, and forecasts as per your target placement and types of keywords. You may easily plan your keywords on the basis of broad match, phrase match, exact match, broad match modifier. Moreover, it also allows you to exclude all those keywords from the keyword ideas that you are not related to your niche.

Let’s get into more detail how you may get the idea regarding the target keywords for your e-commerce business using the keyword planner tool.


Keyword Ideas:

You can get specific keyword ideas related to the products of your niche for a specific time period. Moreover, using Keyword Planner, you may also add filters on your keywords as per your requirement.

See the below image to get more idea-

Keyword planner for E commerce

Search Volume & Forecasts:

This allows you to get metrics related to your target keywords. You may get metrics related to search volume, impressions, clicks, CTR, competition, and many more.

search volume & forecasts for shopify


2- Using

You are already aware of the fact that Amazon is the largest online store. Needless to specify how much traffic it generates every day on its site. Hence, you may get a good idea from this site regarding your target keywords for your Shopify e-commerce business.

Amazon Keyword Suggestion for Shopify


As you may see in the above image that when I enter the term “makeup”, it provides me with related searches that I might be looking to find a particular product. These related searches are actually the keyword ideas. You may get to know what keywords you may target for your niche.

So, visit on and get keywords ideas from there.


3- KWFinder

KWfinder for Shopify

KWFinder is another best tool to get keyword suggestions for your Shopify E-commerce

Store. It is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides you with meaningful insights. You can get real-time keyword SEO difficulty in one click using KWFinder. Further, it will also allow you to expand your keyword research to analyze Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) based on specific SEO metrics.

KWfinder analysis for Shopify

Some Important Features Of
  • It allows you to find hundreds of long tail keywords having low SEO difficulty. You may easily identify what keywords your competitors are missing with such a user-friendly keyword tool.
  • As it is integrated with Google Suggest, you may get more and more keyword ideas and can manage keyword research in your own way.
  • Moreover, you may get exact search volumes for the close variant keywords using this keyword research tool. These close variant keywords are critical for keyword research to identify their SEO potential.
  • If you are targeting city specific keywords, you may easily narrow down your keyword research to a city level. Just select a country, state, or even city that fits your needs, and see the results.
  • Using KWFinder, you also get access to 5 SEO tools developed by Mangools such as Keyword Research, SERP Analysis, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, and Website Analysis.
4- Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is another an amazing Keyword Research tool that you may use to analyze your target keywords. This tool is developed by a famous marketing professional “Neil Patel”.

Ubersuggest TOOL

ubersuggest keyword overview

See How It Shows You Keyword Ideas & Their Metrics

Ubersuggest keyword ideas

Some Important Characteristics Of Ubersuggest


  • This free Keyword Research Tool will show you everything from volume, to seasonality, and to cost per click data, without any limitations. From head terms to long-tail phrases, this tool also provides you with hundreds of keyword suggestions.
  • Further, they have also added negative keywords and filtering in this tool. It allows you to easily find the right keywords for your business.
  • Apart from this, by using Ubersuggest, you may get an idea of keyword difficulty.
  • Watch out who ranks for specific keywords organically using Ubersuggest.

How To Qualify Keywords?

After identifying your target keywords, you have to analyze in-depth its search volume and competition. Your Shopify store can’t do well until you don’t frame a proper strategy to qualify your keywords. Since you are a new brand, you can’t compete easily with a big brand of e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get success. Just apply these SEO strategies perfectly and your business will gradually start growing.

Let’s understand it in more detail-

  • Suppose you have created a new e-commerce store for fashion product like makeup brushes.
  • First of all, you have to start the search for relevant keywords for your makeup brushes. It may be possible that you found a huge amount of keywords that come under your niche. But this is not enough. You have to do more.
  • The next important aspect is that you need to analyze competition for all those keywords.
  • Always select that keyword which is of your competition level.
  • When your e-commerce store starts growing its authority with SEO, then go for some more competitive keywords.
  • In your starting phase, try to use medium tail keywords & long tail keywords. The best examples of the short, medium and long tail keyword are “makeup brushes”, “best makeup brushes”, and “Top brands of best makeup brushes 2019” respectively.
  • You may analyze competition for these keywords using KWFinder or Ubersuggest in an accurate manner.

How To Do Technical Shopify SEO?

In order to improve site performance and resolve all technical errors, you have to perform technical SEO for your Shopify e-commerce store. Otherwise, the site ranking on the search engines may get decreased. The reason is that it is directly related to your website design and construction. So, allow your crawlers to easily navigate your site by following the below mentioned steps-

1- Check Your URL Structure:

When your Shopify store has many products, you must ensure that each URL structure reflects the relevant categorization. It should be such that it reflects about the particular product before one hits a click on the link. Look at the below example-

url structure for Shopify

2- Improve Website Structure:

Next, you need to improve your website structure in such a way that search engines can easily run through and understand the pages on your e-commerce store.

Website structure defines how well-organized your site is. Whether we talk about the product page or any other page, it must be optimized.

3- Enhance Your Store Speed:

Always remember that just 1-second delay in loading the web page of your store can cause a huge decrease in conversion rates. Ok… let’s identify what factors are responsible that have an impact on page load time. These factors include unoptimized product images, the size of website codes. Check these issues and try to enhance your store speed. You may use the Pingdom tool to analyze your website speed. It offers a cost-effective and reliable way to monitor website performance.

4- Check Mobile Responsiveness:

Your e-commerce store must be a fast-loading mobile-friendly site. It is because a majority of the users are looking for information from their smartphones. Google is also making mobile-friendliness in their algorithm updates.

5- Internal Linking:

Make sure whatever internal links you have mentioned in your Shopify store, these are properly placed. They allow you to establish your own anchor text. Further, the internal links can help you with ranking for your top keywords.

But, don’t try to be over smart. Place internal links only where it is natural to do so. Since Google looks for anchor text that has a variety from both inbound and internal links, hence, don’t add too many links with the same exact anchor text.

6- User Experience:

Great user experience will make your site visitors happy. And then they will start visiting your site repeatedly. That’s what you want!

How will you enhance the usability of your Shopify store? It’s simple!

  • Ensure that the checkout process is as simple as possible.
  • Make it simple for visitors to navigate your web pages.
  • Ensure fast loading time of your web pages.
  • Using a live chat widget will lift your conversion rates.

Generally, Shopify Themes come provides a good user experience to the users. You may get two kinds of themes from Shopify—- Free Shopify Themes and Paid Shopify Themes.

When you go with free Shopify themes, the user experience is good. However, you can’t get much of satisfactory results from free themes. But when you opt for paid themes, they provide you with the great user experience.

You may buy these Shopify themes from Shopify site itself. Themeforest is also the another best option for you to buy the best Shopify theme for your online store.

I recommend you to opt ecombunny theme. This theme will give you the best user experience for your Shopify store. Get EcomBunny them here.

Why Ecommbunny Theme Is Best?

It provides you with the following benefits-

  • A responsive e-commerce theme.
  • Well designed and fully optimized.
  • An attractive look
  • Various sorting features
  • Show exclusive offers.
  • Convert prices in terms of your currency.

6- Customer Reviews:

Google loves the site having more product reviews. It will positively impact your SEO. Before taking their final purchasing decision, the customers will definitely look out your product’s reviews. Because they want to know how much satisfactory your product is for other customers.

7- Schema Markup:

Adding schema markup to your Shopify store will provide you benefits in many ways. You may easily stand out in organic searches, i.e., more clicks, more sales, and more profit.

By adding Schema Markup to your site, your product page shows important product information right up front in organic search results. It allows search engines to understand exactly what your e-commerce store sell so that they may find more buyers for your brand.

You can add schema markup for the different variants of your products, categories, blog posts, ratings.

Schema Markup for Shopify

How To Do On-Page Optimization Of Shopify Store?

Just like doing technical SEO is important to enhance your site visibility, similarly, on-page optimization also can’t be ignored. If you are targetting your home page, give a proper store name. Set up Meta Description for it.

Here are the four ways that you have to go with in order to do on-page optimization of your store-

  1. Home Page Optimization
  2. Product Page Optimization
  3. Blog Post Optimization
  4. Product Collection

Homepage Optimization

A Homepage acts as the storefront of an e-commerce store. This is the place on your website where you try to allure and convince the visitor to get down into your sales funnel. Before start optimization of your homepage, the very first thing is to think about your broad niche. On the basis of your niche, you can move ahead with the optimization of your homepage.

Let’s understand it with an example-

Let’s say you have an online fashion store selling fashion products. In such a case, you have to place keywords on the homepage that describe your broad niche and are somewhat competitive, such as  “Hair Product, Nail Polish for Women, Best Yoga Product etc”

Apart from that, a well-organized navigation menu also impacts your SEO for Homepage.

Product Page Optimization-

Make customized links for your products using permalinks. Use keywords to make custom links of the product pages. Generally, a default URL consists of your store name, your product name, and their other subcategories.

Keep in mind when your product title is long, the URL also consists of such long title. And, ideally, that’s not good for SEO. Here is what you have to do-

Open your product page for which you are going to customize URL and hit on “Edit Website SEO”.

customize product URL

Further, include page title and meta description properly.


In the URL section, replace the last part of URL with your keyword. In the below image, the URL which is mentioned in the green box is perfect as it includes the keyword.

page title & description Product Page

Collection Page Optimization-

When we talk about product collection, you need to focus on the relevant collection keywords. For example, makeup brush collection, best makeup brushes etc. It signifies that your customer is searching for product categories instead of a particular product. Just like you have optimized your product page URLs, you have to do the same with your collection pages of Shopify store.

First of all, hit the “edit website SEO” link given at the bottom of the collection page.

Collection URL

Then include page title & meta description of your collection.

After that, customize URL of your collection page. You can see it below the meta description section.

Collection Page URL


Blog Post Optimization-

The third one is blog post optimization. It is when your main focus is to target the informative keywords as we have discussed earlier. After you have published the post, you have to hit “edit website SEO” link and give proper page title and meta description. Further, create a custom URL too for your blog posts that include a particular keyword.

The best part with Shopify Store is that you don’t need to use any plugins for doing Shopify SEO. Just satisfy the search intent and do proper optimization by including meta description and page title. That’s enough!


Responsive Design

Responsiveness is the key factor while performing Shopify SEO for your e-commerce business. Let’s explore how.

The term “Responsive Design” means that website Design should respond, in real time, to the size of the device and screen. If your site doesn’t fulfill this requirement, your customers may get a jarring experience.

Generally, all the themes of Shopify Store are responsive in nature.

Why Does Responsive Design Matter?

Whether we talk about any site, a blogging site, a company website, or an e-commerce website, responsive design is gaining more prominence for two key reasons.

  • First, it helps in delivering ideal user experience and usability in an increasingly mobile world.
  • The second key reason is that Google is more likely to present search engine friendly as well as mobile-friendly sites to its users to search on their devices.
  • Further, it also includes a “mobile friendly” tag next to sites it detects are responsive or specifically designed for mobile devices.

Thus, Google is placing more weight on ensuring better experiences for different devices. It becomes an important factor for search engine ranking.

Points To Consider While Selecting A Shopify Theme For Your Online Store

Following are some of the important points that you must consider to make your Shopify store more responsive-

  • Ensure consistency in the design and layout of your Shopify Theme.
  • A well designed responsive Shopify theme clears the user visiting from different devices that he is still on the same site and interacting with the same brand.
  • The navigation should be easy for users to find the products they are looking for.
    Ensure whatever responsive design you are using for your online store, it must be easier for your customers to see photos, read descriptions and make a purchase.
  • Don’t forget, mobile device screens are smaller in size and the customers are more likely to be using them in outdoors or on public transit. So, a Shopify theme, which is responsive, can give them a better user experience.

A majority of your customers are using their mobile devices to access your store. Therefore, tapping a button or link with a finger is a bit more difficult for them on their smaller screens. It may be because of the small or closely spaced buttons on your site. It may lead to cause the frustration when users inadvertently tap the wrong one. So, make sure your Shopify Theme has not these flaws.

5 Content Optimization Tips for Your Shopify SEO

Ok… now you have learned SEO strategies for your Shopify e-commerce store. To improve the ranking of your product pages among the organic search results, here I’m going to provide you with 5 bonus tips to optimize the content of your Shopify store. Have a look at below-

1. Don’t Use Duplicate Content-

If you think you may include the same content for your different products of the same brand, then you are wrong! Don’t do that. Create unique content for each of your product.

2. Include Keyword Product Title-

Don’t forget to include keywords in your product page title. It will enhance your product page visibility in front of your potential customers. Use relevant keywords that specify your niche.

3. Include Keyword Product Description-

Further, you have to focus on your product description while doing Shopify SEO. The product description must include proper keywords that relate to a particular product. Including keywords in your product description will help your product pages rank higher among organic search results.

Don’t do keyword stuffing because it comes under over-optimization which is not good for SEO point of view.

4. Include Keyword In Alt Tags Of Your Images-

Including keywords in the alt tags of product images is best from an SEO point of view. Give proper alt tags for every product image. It will boost up your rank on search engine.

5.  Use Powerpage To Link Your Product Pages-

Since the product pages have thin content, linking it with other pages is not a good practice. Here, Powerpage acts like a Hero! You may create power page that helps you in building quality links for your products. For example, if you are selling t-shirts in your e-commerce store, you may create a blog page in the name of “top t-shirt brands 2019”. This will work as the Powerpage for your product and you may link this power page with that of a particular product.

Powerpage For Shopify SEO

Creating a power page is the best way to build link for your product page. You can’t directly link your product with other products. Thus, by linking it with power page can boost your product page authority.

What Is Power Page In Shopify SEO?

Powerpage is a page that you create to write some informative content regarding your particular product. For example, if you are selling different brands of nail polishes, you may create a blog post like how to create best nail art, useful tips you must go through before creating nail art, etc. This blog post acts as the power page for your products.

Here, you need to keep in mind that you have to use keywords in your power pages and then link it to your product pages.

This method is also known as “Authority Sculpting”

Why Do We Need To Create Power Page?

In 2019, the SEO practices will be undergoing some major changes. You have to earn links. You can’t create the link using black hat SEO practices. Thus, in order to create quality links for your product pages which consist of thin content, Power Pages are helpful.

Creating the power page provides many advantages such as-

  • You may add product page links to your power pages.
  • It helps in increasing product page authority.
  • Further, it will boost the product page rank organically.
  • A cost-effective way to build quality links.
  • Using keywords in your anchor text will make it more search-engine friendly.

Link Building For Shopify

One of the important SEO technique that you can’t afford to ignore is building high-quality backlinks for your Shopify store. If you are missing earn good quality links, no doubt you are out of the market.

Another important point to be kept in mind is that not all links are of good quality. So, beware of cheap quality links. Else your store ranking will go down among organic results of search engine.


People often struggle in building quality links. You may use Powerpage technique to outreach links. This gives you a new way to earn quality backlinks.

So, let’s understand what does backlink mean and what is its role in Shopify SEO.

What Is Link Building?

Link Building is a technique or strategy of creating high-quality backlinks for your website. Now you may have a question what is a backlink.

Backlinks are those links that link other sites with yours. In other words, you may say that these links are simply links from other sites that point to your site.
thus, the process of getting links from other relevant websites is called link-building. Link building is a core SEO strategy.  Most of the online businesses, whether it is a service provider or an e-commerce store, are devoting time to each and every week in order to build quality backlinks to their site.

Are All The Links Same?

Well…The answer is a big “No”. Not all the links are equal.

Backlinks can be divided into two major categories.

  1. Follow backlinks
  2. Nofollow backlinks

A follow backlink is a link from another site that tells search engines, “I endorse this website”. On the other hand, a nofollow backlink is a link where the website giving the backlink is acknowledging that they exist but they are not vouching for them.

What Links Have Worth?

To answer this question, I would like to put your attention on the following example-

CNN, one of the popular news site, is giving your website a backlink. On the other hand, there is another blog site started just three months ago is giving you a backlink from one of its blogs.

Both the backlinks are relevant to your niche. Still which one has more worth for you? A link coming from a popular site or a link coming from a newbie?

I think…You have guessed it correct! A link from CNN is worth more than a link from someone’s personal blog that they just started three months ago. Do you know why?

It’s just because a link from a popular site has more weightage given by the Google Bots. So, when you earn such a quality link, your website authority automatically gets enhanced.

Importance Of Link Building To Rank your site

For e-commerce merchants, where paid ads keep getting more expensive, link building can be a powerful and inexpensive way to boost their online store. Following points can best Describe the worth of building high-quality links for your Shopify store-

  • It increases your site weightage.
  • Provides high website authority.
  • Builds the quality relationship.
  • Boost your rank organically in search results.
  • Leads to generate a huge amount of quality traffic.

Consider These Points That Determine The Value Of A Link-

  1. The links that come from high quality and relevant sites have a much bigger impact. On the other hand, external links that come from irrelevant and smaller sites, can’t be fruitful.
  2. consider what are those Links that come from unique domains. These are more important for your Shopify store. On the other hand, when you repeatedly get links from sites that have linked to you before has less importance.
  3. links have more value when the anchor texts are keyword focused. For example, consider a link given to “top cosmetic brands”. Now consider a link given to “click here”. Hope you get what I’m trying to convey to you! It simply means that a keyword focused anchor text has more value than irrelevant texts.


What Type Of Link Is Best For Shopify Store?

1. Moz:

Moz provides the best platform to analyze the DA & PA of the websites that are relevant to your niche. It gives the complete information about backlinks, spam score, follow links, nofollow links, domain authority and much more. See in the below image. In this first section, it gives the detail regarding DA, linking domains, inbound links, and ranking keywords for the particular site.

Moz for Shopify

Similarly, the next section of Moz shows the details regarding discovered & lost-linking domains

MOZ discovered & non discovered links

Moreover, you may get the complete information regarding follow links and nofollow links.

Moz Link Type

Analyze anchor texts, followed external links and linking domains by DA using Moz.

MOZ anchor text for Shopify

Another amazing feature of using Moz is that you may easily compare DA & PA and other linking factors of different sites.

MOZ compare links


Apart from Moz, there is another important tool that you may use to analyze the traffic of various sites. SEMRUSH provides you with the complete details regarding which site has more traffic and which has low. Analyze carefully and link to those sites who have real traffic.

Semrush for E commerce

Get complete and accurate analysis of all the traffic resources of your competitors using SEMRUSH.


AHREFS is also the best way to analyze DR and UR of sites. You may analyze which anchor text is linked to your sites. Keep in mind that anchor text should not be keyword rich. Rather, these must be brand specific.

Using AHREFS, you may easily analyze search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche.

Ahrerf for Shopify

Types Of Link Building For Your Shopify SEO

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the link building strategies. You may use guest posts to build reputation, authority, and exposure through backlinks. Have a look at the following points that shows the real benefit of doing guest posts on most popular and relevant sites-

  • You will acquire the target traffic.
  • Guest posts allow you to capture the interests of your potential customers.
  • It provides you with quality backlinks from authority domains.
  • Besides, it also works as social proof.
  • You will be able to develop name recognition for yourself as well as for your business.

Many blogging sites solicit guest posts. You can easily target them for your guest posts. Now the question is how will you find those sites?

You may use some search operators like the following:


a.)  “your keyword” + “write for us”

b.) “your keyword” + “guest post”

c.) “your keyword” + “contribute”

Find Guest Post for Shopify

As you may see in the above image, when I typed “nail art” + “write for us”, I found two sites that accept guest posts on their site. Similarly, you may use other search operators to find out guest posting sites.

2. Press Release Site

Press release distribution is one of the most popular ways to build high-quality and long-lasting backlinks. To expand the company’s reach, build up the brand and gain publicity are three major reasons that most of the companies use PR sites to build quality links.

The major focus should be on building high-quality media relations that could convert into high-quality content placement opportunities. For this, you need to build relations with bloggers, journalists, or publishers having great influence and authority among your target audience. And that way you will be able to gain your brand coverage among your ideal customers.

Again, the question is how will you find such sites that accept press releases? In order to find press release sites, you may type the following search operator in the search bar-

Keyword ”submit press release”

Finding Press Release for Shopify

3. Google News Site

There are some high authority news sites that have been approved by Google. You may create quality links for your store launch from there. Since these sites are approved by Google itself, they carry a high weightage. Finally, these sites may help you in generating a huge amount of traffic to your store.

4. Directory Submission

The practice of getting links through directory submission has changed over the past 10 years. Now, the strategies have become more evolved. Through a perfect and intelligent strategy of directory submission, you still can have a more diverse link profile, the qualified referral traffic, citations, and trustworthy authority signals.

The different types of directories that you may use for link buildings include-

  • Web Directories
  • Social Directories
  • Local Citation Directories

An important point to be considered is that not all of the directories are best. Further, not all of the best directories are relevant for your niche. So, beware with spam directories and select only those which is relevant for your niche.

How To Increase Your Customer Trust Simply Using Shopify Review App?

Do you know that approx 90% of customers prefer reading reviews before visiting a business? Yes, this is the truth!

The more reviews you provide for your products on your Shopify store, the more likely it will get social sharing. Why? It’s because everyone wants to know how much satisfied your product is for other users. On the basis of these reviews, they get to know whether your product is trustworthy or just a fake.

I recommend you to use “Shopify Review Appto allow your customers to share their reviews. It is the simplest way to share your customers’ experiences which in turn help you in turning store visits into sales by building trust.

How Does Shopify Review App Help?

  • By using Shopify Review App, you may add SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search results.
  • You may easily add a customer review feature to your products.
  • It provides you with a fully customizable design looks great with any theme.
  • This app comes with multiple actions like publishing, hiding, filtering, and managing reviews in a proficient way.
  • It allows you to increase the sales of reviewed products.
  • Furthermore, you can import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet with this app.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Shopify SEO Performance

So far you have learned every important aspect of Shopify SEO. It’s time to move on to social media platforms where a majority of your target audience resides. Needless to define how social media is becoming more powerful these days. So won’t you like to take advantage of this powerful weapon to attract your target customers?

Presenting the amazing and brilliant social media marketing tips that will boost your Shopify SEO performance. Go through with the following brilliant tips and take advantage by employing these for your Shopify e-commerce store-

Instagram Marketing Tips For Shopify Store

  • Provide a keyword-optimized description of your Shopify store.
  • Upload a profile picture that’s easily identifiable, like a logo of your online store.
  • Not all type of content performs best for Instagram. Try to post lighter images than darker ones.
  • Use hashtags that represents your brand.
  • Instagram Stories are a good option to highlight your brand.
  • Tag your e-commerce products in posts and stories.

Pinterest Marketing Tips For Shopify Store

  • The most important step to be considered is that you must have a Business account on Pinterest to proceed further.
  • Don’t forget to enable rich pins on your Pinterest Business Account. It allows you to add extra information about your products.
  • The best way to stick your buyers on your Pinterest account is to use product rich pins.
  • Make sure that your product links are working when you’re using Pinterest for business.
  • Promote your pins through Pinterest Free Traffic and Pinterest Paid Ads.

Facebook Marketing Tips For Shopify Store

  • Create user-generated content that looks real. It shouldn’t be a false one since you’re connecting with your audience.
  • Don’t forget to give a standard call to action. It allows your audience to understand what should they do next.
  • Use images that appeal to a wide range of your audience and motivate them to buy your product.
  • Talk about subjects that your audience can relate with and encourage them to be engaged from your online store.
  • If you want your brand to demonstrate its value in more than one image, a carousel can serve as a stand-in.


So, these are some of the Social Media Marketing tips that you should consider to boost your sales on Shopify store. We are planning to provide a complete guide for Social Media Marketing strategies in the future. Till then, you will learn from “”.

Outsource Shopify SEO

Still confused from where to start for Shopify SEO? Don’t worry. You may take the guidance from the best industry experts. Outsourcing can be the best option for you which allows you to hire the best talents to accomplish your goal. To perform Shopify SEO, we recommend the following platforms from where you will get industry experts-


Fiverr is the world’s largest platform for freelancers. You may hire freelancing services from this marketplace and get the work done for you. One important point you should keep in mind that you need to be aware of cheap sellers providing low-quality links. Else your site rank will get decreased.


Upwork is also another freelancing platform running at the global level. Many businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely at Upwork. Thus, you will also find the industry SEO experts who may assist you in getting your site ranked among search results.

LiquidDo, The World’s Best Local SEO Company for Small Business:

At LiquidDO, we are happy to welcome you to our best SEO Services for Small Business. Providing you with the best SEO services, we help your Shopify store rank high organically. If you want to do SEO for your Shopify store without any a headache, hire our industry professionals.


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