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Acceptance of terms and conditions:

By accessing this website, you are entitled to accept the terms and conditions which are enlisted on this page. We may change terms & conditions as per the requirement at our discretion any time without intimating to any reader or service user. Each time you access the site, we will understand that you have acknowledged all terms and conditions and will abide by it without any fail.


Any individual who is below 18 years is restricted to use this site. We strictly recommend using this site only if you are above 18 Years.

Third party linking

Provider of the website can provide the link to any site in his content and can be linked to any related website. Other websites are linked to giving a better understanding of the topic and have no intention to use or alter the content of those sites. Any website is allowed to link LiquidDo in their content. However, linking LiquidDo to any adult, inappropriate or illegal content will not be accepted and is liable to the action of the court. Provider of LiquidDo is not responsible for any content published on linked site or for the accuracy, reliability and loss or damage caused by linked site.

Intellectual property rights

LiquidDo carries all the intellectual property right of the content and information published on this site. All Logo & services provided on this website has provider’s trademark. Any unauthorized use of any of the content, logo, services are subjected to the jurisdiction of a court and will be liable to be penalized.  Downloaded material from a site will also have the provider of LiquidDo’s intellectual right.

Inappropriate content


By accepting the terms and conditions of LquidDo, you promise not to upload any inappropriate, hatred, abusive, illegal, pornographic content. Provider of LiquidDo has right to abolish such content without prior notice. Repeated act uploading such content will be a legal offense and is subjected to court.



No warranties

We do not give any warrant against any contented published on this website. It is providers discretion to whether to keep the site up to date or not. The content of the site can be inaccurate and present with the typo or another kind of errors. Provider does not guarantee uninterrupted and continuous site access to the user.

Any use of the information and content causing any kind of damaging to the user, will not be accountable to LiqquidDo. The user will be solely responsible for his deed. The provider is not responsible for any type of electronic items damage, direct damage, indirect damage or otherwise while surfing the site.


The provider can change any content at any time without prior notice to any reader or site user. It will be his/her discretion to change or not change the content at any specific time. The provider is not legally bounded to change any content of the website at any point of time.

Service Terms

You may enter into the contract with the provider for using the service. In case of failure of the signed agreement by either of the party will be liable to jurisdiction and compensation.

LiquidDo may terminate your license at any time during service duration on any illegal act and breach or violate any terms and conditions without initiating any refund.

The provider may contact third company (outsourcing) to provide you service at any point of time of the contract duration.

Unauthentic use of user’s data

The provider is not responsible for any misuse of username and password by any person. It will be user responsibility to intimate about the scenario and get the problem solved.

By signing the agreement, you grant permission to an owner of the website to use the content for any authenticated purpose.  Company understand the security terms of the private information of the user and respects their privacy.

Privacy policy

We recommend you to click here and read all the privacy policy of the LiquidDo with full concentration. As you are using this site for knowledge, business or entertainment, we consider that you have read and bound by all the terms & conditions and privacy policy.